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Deliver fully digital customer engagement interactions anytime, anywhere

Reduce operating costs and drive revenue with better business processes

Increase responsiveness and streamline decision making through insight gained from analytics

Use artificial intelligence for deeper transformation and savings

Move seamlessly between deployment environments – public cloud, private cloud or on-premise

Improve information visibility and accuracy and ensure regulatory compliance

Mobile Phone

60% of senior executives want processes to be automated, only 38% have achieved it.

Organisations that work like tomorrow use AI, robotics and other Intelligent Automation solutions to accelerate high-value customer journeys and streamline inefficient or error-prone processes.

By increasing the effectiveness of customer interactions and moving from paper-based to digital business models, organisations can deliver new levels of engagement and self-service to customers, ensure adherence to compliance regulations and drive end-to-end operational savings.

Process orchestration is a key component of an Intelligent Automation platform for organisations who want to build and manage a digital workforce that drives business growth and profits.

Organisations can add workforce capacity without headcount and empower human workers to complete more fulfilling, higher-value work. Customer journeys, such as new customer onboarding, account opening, claims processing and citizen service provisioning are simplified and enhanced.

Process Orchestration

Are the systems that run your business enough to satisfy your connected, digitally-savvy customers?

Your customers want to engage with you in a way that feels simple and intuitive. This is especially important in those information-intensive initial interactions that can make or break a customer’s first impression of your business – processes like onboarding, mortgage or loan origination, insurance claims processing and new policy applications, accounts payable, student transcript processing, citizen benefits enrollment and much more.

Xenith can transforms these critical processes of engagement by bringing together your disparate technologies into a modern, mobile-first, omnichannel solution.

You’ll develop and deploy intelligent business processes—specialised, highly adaptable, mobile-enabled applications designed for engaging your customers. And you’ll create a seamless, real-time link between your customer-facing systems of engagement and the internal systems of records that run your business. This minimises the need to modify enterprise applications, systems or repositories.

Part of our AI-driven Intelligent Automation Platform

Every organisation is in a different stage of digital maturity and has often already invested in some automation.

This is why our Intelligent Automation Platform is designed to enable customers to “adopt and extend” intelligent automation capabilities (technically and commercially) that meet their organisational priorities.

Not only is every segment of our platform deeply integrated, but we also have connectors for many of the leading automation brands in the market today - enabling a quicker and more economical turn around for your automation projects.

You can explore the sections of our platform that are the best fit for your organisation - safe in the knowledge that you can scale to integrate other highly compatible elements of our platform at any point.

Alternatively, get in touch for a free bespoke workshop to help imagine the use of intelligent automation in your company.

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