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Print Asset Management

Print Asset Management Solutions

Manage a fleet of diverse multifunction devices and networked printers from one place - regardless of the manufacturer.

Xerox CentreWare Web

IT administrators are faced with the challenge of continuously managing a fleet of diverse multi-supplier output devices. Support responsibilities, include discovery, usage tracking, status monitoring, software configurations, driver updates, consumables management, and reporting on the overall infrastructure.

Xerox CentreWare Web is an innovative, web browser-based print asset management software solution tool that installs, configures, manages, monitors, and reports on networked printers and multifunction devices in the enterprise - regardless of manufacturer.

Print Asset Management Features

Key features of Xerox CentreWare Web:

  • Configure devices

  • Check device status

  • Troubleshoot problems

  • Track print usage

  • Change settings

  • Manage many printers on a unified basis with a powerful group-based management function

  • Monitor device status proactively and receive alerts on printer problems

  • Track device usage over time to find the best fit for devices within the organisation

  • Prevent unauthorised changes with Windows 2000 and/or NT4 native security

Print Asset Management Benefits

Key benefits of using Xerox CentreWare Web

  • Increase organisational efficiency by managing and reporting on all networked SNMP printers and multifunction devices across the enterprise

  • Centralise printer setup and enable system administrators to install, configure and view the settings for all network protocols, simplifying the task of integrating devices

  • Generate consistent information that is comprehensive, accurate, and easy to understand from databases and systems

  • Reduce printing costs by tracking usage, usage levels and optimising the deployment of assets

  • Deploy and administer with ease

  • Apply settings from one device to other, saving time and energy with the cloning feature

  • Reduce service calls and downtime through proactive response to alerts

  • Provide accurate meter reads for charge-back by users or devices

  • Choose between a standalone solution or one that integrates seamlessly with existing software/hardware configurations

  • Distinguish fleets of devices by organising into default or customised groups

  • Set polling intervals and priority with group polling feature