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Go Green

We are committed to helping our clients reduce the environmental impact of working with documents


Working with you to reduce the environmental impact of printing

Our Managed Print Services are focused on managing your output fleet in the most efficient way possible to reduce environmental impact and make significant savings on resourcing.

Efficient management of your output device fleet can lower energy consumption, reduce the amount of consumables replaced, and cut down on waste.

With our Document Solutions we can help you to reduce your wasted print-outs, saving both paper and energy.

We work closely with our clients to implement solutions that are effective in reducing paper and energy consumption. Many Xerox devices are designed to use resources efficiently, minimising waste, and come with in-built features to help eliminate waste.

As a Xerox Platinum Partner we can deliver revolutionary new colour multifunction printers that utilise cartridge-free solid ink technology, reducing waste substantially, by up to 90 percent.



How to reduce your paper waste:

  • Adjust print driver default settings to become more eco- and budget-friendly. Choose duplex printing as your "default" mode – using both sides of a page is the best way to reduce paper use. Adjust settings for specific applications, to print emails in black and white, for example.

  • Think before you print. Use the Print Preview feature to avoid printing unwanted pages.

  • When printing email, don’t print all the replies beneath the messages you actually need.

  • Recycle used paper. Recycling paper fibre saves trees, energy, water and chemicals. Keep a recycling box at each desk to make it easy to collect used paper.

  • Use environmentally-preferable paper such as recycled paper, and paper certified to sustainable forest management standards (FSC or SFI).

  • Implement pull printing which holds jobs at the device until a user enters a PIN or swipes a card to claim them.

  • Distribute documents electronically instead of in hard copy when feasible.

  • Use print awareness tools for your workforce and encourage a change in attitude through gamification.

  • Use solid ink printers (also known as ColorQube technology) which create 90% less packaging waste. Energy efficient printers are also better for the environment.


Success Stories


Discover how we helped the Royal Horticultural Society use 508 fewer trees over a five year period.

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Discover how we worked with Buro Four to reduce print volumes from 900,000 to 336,000 pages per annum.

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Paper Waste Facts

The next time you are about to hit print, think about whether it’s really necessary to print that document and consider the following paper facts:



It takes an entire tree to create 15,000 sheets of paper 


The average office worker uses 12,000 sheets of paper every year 


Printing waste represents at least 20% of total paper produced 


Most printing waste is unintentional and is the result of an inefficient print management process 


How to calculate the ROI of print services

This guide will show you how to calculate printing costs, ROI and plan for the future of your document management workflows.

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How to write an invitation to tender for managed print services

Learn the important questions to ask when writing an invitation to tender or an RFP for managed print services


Compare your infrastructure to other similar companies

Use our calculator to identify cost savings, improve efficiency and optimise productivity.


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