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Privacy Policy: Your Personal Information

Xenith's privacy policy is to allow visitors to its web site at the registered domain - xenith.co.uk - to provide us with any personal information at their discretion. To protect our customers' privacy, Xenith abides by the following practices:

At Xenith, we strictly protect any personal information we receive. Information is secure from misuse or unauthorised access and is not passed on to any of our partners or third parties without prior consent.

With our electronic newsletter subscription, registration may be cancelled at any time by the person registered for subscription on our website. Registration information adheres to the same strict secure policies as all other personal information maintained by Xenith. Once our customers cancel their subscription, their registration information is immediately removed from our system.

Personal information for technical support contracts stored on our website is used for authentication purposes only. This is to allow us to provide technical support only to those customers who have purchased a technical support contract from us.

Xenith uses a platform that enables automated decision-making, called HubSpot. If you have filled a form on our website, this platform may customise the website and marketing collateral sent to you, in accordance with your requirements and activity on our website, in order to be more relevant. For example, if you have filled a form to downloaded an eGuide about Digital Transformation, the platform may send you a follow up email or two with more useful information on the same topic. We carefully restrict the frequency of these emails, and do our best to ensure they are of real business value to you. We may also, on occasion, give you a quick phone call to ensure that you have all the information you need.

Any data submitted to Xenith by a user filling out a web form or using one of our interactive tools (i.e. print benchmark calculator) on the website will not be passed on to any partners or third parties besides our marketing agency, but may be used to contact the user with relevant information or to respond to a contact query. Users can unsubscribe from marketing information at any time through the link on any email sent by Xenith. 

Update your preferences regarding your personal information:

Xenith believes in the right to erasure. If you would like to request Xenith to delete, remove, or stop processing your personal data please email Mandy Lewis at inbound@xenith.co.uk or call 020 7417 2000. Please also let us know which of the following circumstances apply to your request:

  • The information is no longer necessary in relation to the purposes for which it was collected or otherwise processed
  • The individual objects to the processing of their personal information
  • The individual revokes a previous consent to the processing
  • The information has been unlawfully processed
  • The information must be erased in order to comply with a legal obligation
  • The information was collected from a parent in order to gain their consent to collect information from a child
  • None of the above 

You also have the right to obtain confirmation that your data is held or processed by Xenith, and you can also request that a copy of this data be sent to you or another party. You can also rectify this information if you feel like it is incorrect or incomplete by emailing Mandy Lewis at inbound@xenith.co.uk or call 020 7417 2000.

If at any time you believe Xenith has not followed these principles, please email Mandy Lewis at inbound@xenith.co.uk or call 020 7417 2000. We will endeavour to ascertain and correct any issues raised as quickly as possible.

Cookies and Similar Technologies

In addition, to the temporary session cookies functionally required to display the website. We use the following Cookies on our website:




Cookie Control: We use Cookie Control to display the message informing you of our use of cookies. Cookie Control uses this cookie to ensure you only see this message on your first visit. This cookie does not store any personally identifiable information.

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Google Analytics: We use Google Analytics to monitor traffic levels, search queries and visits to this website. Google Analytics stores IP address anonymously on its servers in the US, and neither Xenith nor Google associates your IP address with any personally-identifiable information. These cookies enable Google to determine whether you are a return visitor to the site, and to track the pages that you visit during your session. To opt out of Google Analytics tracking, install the free Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on here.


Hubspot: We use Hubspot to personalise the way we communicate with you. When you first visit a website that uses the Hubspot system, a third-party cookie from hubspot.com is stored in your browser. This cookie is then used to track the pages that you visit during your session. Whilst the cookie is used across many sites, the information collected on our website is visible only to Xenith, and is not shared with any third parties including Hubspot or other users of the Hubspot system. Although this cookie does not contain any personal information about you specifically, if you choose to fill out a form on our site then we will link your personal information to the browsing information associated with the Hubspot cookie on your browser. For details of how we use this personal information, see above. We then use this information to improve our service to you, for example by choosing how we communicate with you (subject to your consent) and tailoring the content of our communications to you to include information that reflects the interest that you have shown in the content of our web pages, or by choosing offers or promotions that we think may interest you and to improve how we respond to your needs. Hubspot Tracking Status: You are currently opted-in for web monitoring using the Hubspot system.

Google Dynamic Remarketing

Google Display Network: We use Google Dynamic Remarketing to display ads across other sites using Google's Display Network. Google uses cookies to serve relevant ads based on your past visits to the Xenith website. You can opt out of Google's use of cookies by visiting Google's Ad settings.

Facebook Custom Audience

Facebook Custom Audience: We use Facebook's custom audience to display ads on Facebook and Facebook's advertising partner websites and apps. Facebook uses cookies/tracking pixels to show relevant ads based on your past visits to the Xenith website. You can opt out of seeing these ads through Facebook's ad preferences. 


This privacy policy may be revised at any time, so the user is advised to review it regularly.