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Finance Automation

Our method eliminates the errors from manual data entry, and our process will increase your team's performance. Now what's bad about that?

Finance Automation

Imagine your financial processes were seamless, not calculated on spreadsheets, but with data integrated dynamically across systems.  

Imagine approvals from co-workers occurring with little human effort and intervention.

Imagine financial health, visible, accessible, and manageable, across the business.

Imagine all incoming and outgoing payments reconciled prior to monthly payroll.  

Imagine a world of silent cash flowing with perfect accuracy.

Accounts Payable/Receivable

Businesses that issue and track invoices traditionally, struggle with time-consuming payable + receivable efforts, that incur avoidable human errors. The processing of invoices involves checking information, sending the invoice to the correct person for approval, processing the payment, and finally, recording the transaction. This involves up to half a dozen discrete steps which all add a risk for error, including the dreaded "missing invoice".

Accounts payable/receivable automation will standardise, and scan invoices, capturing information securely, and accurately with prompts for those responsible to take timely action.

Accounts payable/receivable automation brings both sides of the General Ledger into balance.

Tax compliance & reporting

Using external Accountants, CPAs, and auditing resources to calculate your tax obligation is an expensive annual proposition. Leveraging internal resources to educate third parties on your business, the market and customer behaviours only magnifies the investment. Managing the risk of non-compliant documentation is a gamble no business can afford.

A secure document management system protects regulated documents through workflows when reviewed by a 3rd party regulator. Accounting software enables finance teams to automate their tax obligations.  Dedicated accounting software calculates the tax requirement for every transaction.

Finance payroll

Payday is an unbreakable bond between employer and employee. Nothing demoralises an employee more than income unpredictability. Moreover, payroll is complex to manage manually; there are different salary levels, holiday entitlements, superannuation, and fringe benefits.

Automating payroll with integrated accounting software saves your team from payday stress while retaining employees for the long term. Dedicated software solutions such as BambooHR, PayFit or Personio will simplify your processes.

Expense management

The traditional tracking and management of company expenses are expensive, time-consuming, and frustrating. The complex steps begin with an employee holding onto receipts and completing expense reports, managers reviewing, commenting, and approving them, concluding with finance reconciling everything and issuing the reimbursement.  When an error occurs on a 3rd party system, the lag time to resolve it is frustrating. 

Integrated expense management tools will automate the entire process, ensuring expenses are promptly paid, while reducing any fraudulent activities.


Once core financial processes have been automated, it is important to integrate the data flow between them. There is little point in automating a single system to then re-enter the same data manually to another.

If you have lingering manual steps connecting bigger systems or processes, it might be time to talk. We can provide financial health, visible, accessible, and manageable across your business. Ensuring that all incoming and outgoing payments are reconciled before payroll, monthly.

We’ll protect your cash flow, in and out of the business, with perfect accuracy.

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