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Finance Automation

Our tool improves accuracy, saves time, and reduces the costs associated with AP and AR manual processes.


Are errors from manual processes crippling your financial performance?

Xenith’s quick-to-deploy Finance Automation seamlessly integrates data dynamically across systems.  Enabling approvals to occur without manual intervention.

Gain the financial health you require.  AP and AR are visible, accessible, and reported across the business.  All incoming and outgoing payments are reconciled prior to payroll.  

Imagine a world of silent cash flowing with perfect accuracy.

Accounts Payable

Businesses that issue and track invoices traditionally struggle with time-consuming payable processes.

Are you processing invoices manually? Are you searching and checking to identify the business approver?  Only to waste time nagging for their approval?  

Remove all the discrete steps which add the risk for error, including the dreaded "missing invoice".

Accounts payable automation will manage all invoices and capture information securely and accurately with prompts for those responsible to take timely action.

Accounts Receivable

Businesses still issuing invoices manually are missing out on revenue. 

Are your invoices sent from multiple departments? Are invoices scheduled regularly?  

Automating Accounts Receivable allows for a centralised system as standard, removing costly and unnecessary human intervention.       


Once core financial processes have been automated, it is important to integrate the data flow between them. There is little point in automating a single system to then re-enter the same data manually to another.

If you have lingering manual steps connecting bigger systems or processes, it might be time to talk. We can provide financial health, visible, accessible, and manageable across your business. Ensuring that all incoming and outgoing payments are reconciled before payroll, monthly.

We’ll protect your cash flow, in and out of the business, with perfect accuracy.