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IT Services

Welcome to Xenith’s new IT services. For 40 years we’ve maintained the print server infrastructure, along with hardware, and print management software for the world’s leading companies. This year, we teamed up with our long-term partner, Vanquish Tech to deliver additional IT services for all our Clients.

Tech experts transforming the world.


IT Services

Security Management

With relentless global hackers, scammers, or hybrid working practices, we can fortify your business against ever-evolving threats. 
Critical for businesses handling PII data.  

Unburden IT by removing the unexpected, disruptive and crisis issues, allowing IT to add more value to your business.


Device Management

Maintaining old technology is not just stress-inducing for IT, it can demotivate your workforce.  

Modernizing existing hardware allows you to maintain forever-fresh inventory affordably, sustainably, and seamlessly for hybrid working.  

Cloud Management

Migrating to the cloud can be a roller-coaster rife with unexpected twists, turns, and barriers.  Our cutting-edge cloud services include an extensive range of offerings, including Public Cloud, Hybrid, Private, and Managed Clouds.  

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