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How Companies avoid IT burnout?

While we accelerated a shift to digital, not all transitions improved operational efficiencies.  

Multiple technology inefficiencies can impact the IT Department.  Has that increase affected your IT Department? And how can we help?

How can companies avoid IT Team burnout?

IT teams have always been stretched at the best of times but now with hybrid working as the norm, it added complexity and overhead. IT teams already struggle with:
• Ongoing projects and driving the business strategy
• Shortage of IT resources within the company

We know this is the IT world and are likely to stay reactive, focused on keeping the business and users as operational. The solution we'd recommend is a proactive one, where Technology assists with the burden of managing systems specifically endpoint, and distributed devices, that require pro-active management on a daily basis.
• Proactive Insights – Shows Data & Analytics of what the devices are doing from
performance, usage, health, and security
• Automation tools for configuration & deployment of endpoint devices (autopilot/Intune)
• Inbuilt technology stack on the endpoint devices - Golden bios, in-built recovery chip,
dedicated security chip
We recommend those technologies to make IT Managers lives easier, plus enabling them to add value to moving company forward. Proactive methods will improve efficiency, free up time from end-point device management and allow our technical resources to concentrate and plan ahead.

How should IT manage the security risks of remote staff?

Many clients struggle with the additional burden of keeping endpoint devices safe beyond the office and firewall. Compounded by applications going to the cloud, also outside the firewall protection. Cyber security attacks are more frequent, more vicious and sophisticated; exacerbating the IT teams to manage ongoing scrutiny and avoid a security breach.

Unfortunately, there is no magic solution, but we recommend complementary layers of protection, specifically for endpoint device management, leveraging a strong security posture for your environment. Let’s break this down.

  • Hardware level - Inbuilt technology stack on the endpoint devices - Golden bios, in built
    recovery chip, dedicated security chip
  • Visibility on what devices is secured and compliant with predictive insights to prevent and
    remediate problems
  • Critical Patch deployment
  • Critical Bios update requirements
  • Anti-virus & encryption disabled or removed
  • Identity Protection – prevents credential theft by alerting and blocking users from sharing
    login details
  • Protection through Isolation – Hardware enforced virtual machines keep content isolated on
    the endpoints. 60% of attacks missed by traditional antivirus.
  • This your get out of jail card when it comes to zero-day threat attacks especially ransomware. The attack just explodes in the virtual machine with no harm done to the OS.

We are looking at Proactive Security with additional protection and insight for IT teams.

How can IT Teams be proactive on future end-user technology needs?

Proactive Insights uses telemetry and analytics delivering critical data around devices and applications. This data allows for deep learning at IT’s fingertips, leveraging

  • Accurate forecasts to the right devices required for your estate
  • CPU& RAM utilisation
  • Faulty devices
  • Upgrade readiness i.e. windows 11
  • Software usage to optimize performance and licenses costs
  • Digital Employee Experience
  • Create Campaigns that monitor User sentiment and feedback overtime and address issues and concerns
  • Device-as-a-service (aka PC-as-a-Service) delivering an agile model for
  • IT flexible budgets – with a monthly subscription vs. large capital expenditure
  • Technology at the right level by business function, requirements and strategic pivots
  • Keep your fleet healthy with fully maintained devices

What if our IT never have the time to evaluate proactive technology?

This is common, too. IT departments sometimes stay relegated to being reactive, especially when short-handed, yet with the future of the business Xenith can free-up IT and apply our expertise and experience. All you need to do is ask, IT will be grateful you did.


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