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Xerox Altalink MFD

Now you see it. Now you don’t.

It’s as simple as that. According to Identity Theft Resource Center, 446.5 million consumer records containing PII were exposed last year. With this app on your Xerox® ConnectKey®Technology-enabled multifunction printer (MFP), you can remove sensitive and personally identifiable information (PII) from an entire document in seconds.

Hackers cause most data breaches, but accidents by normal people aren’t far behind.

In the past, it has often been resource-heavy and difficult to redact this paper-based information, involving a great deal of time with a marker pen. 

Now, Xerox Auto-Redaction, an App available in your Xerox App Gallery, provides a simple and powerful solution, removing the need for manual searching and deletion.

Auto redact app - Ease of Use

Easy to use

Leveraging cutting-edge AI technology by using Google’s Data Loss Prevention (DLP) software, this app makes it easy to scan hard-copy documents and get instant results.

Simply choose, then scan from one of your saved presets or custom PII and the app will automatically redact it. You can preview the results on your device and either print the redacted document or share it via email.

Auto redact app - Rapid Redaction

Rapid redaction

Any personally identifiable information (PII) — names, phone numbers, emails, Social Security numbers, dates of birth — is automatically redacted from official documents with this app.

Choose your criteria, scan, preview the results and either print or email the fully redacted document.

Custom redaction types are easy to add, and there’s plenty of flexibility to meet your specific needs.

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