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5 Top Take-aways From The Business Growth & Continuity Report

7 August 2020

The Business Continuity & Growth Report, published in The Sunday Times this week, contains findings and research to help business leaders to survive and grow in these difficult times.


Here are the top 5 take-aways:



Business Growth and Continuity - 5 Key Highlights


As well as the video above, here are 5 of the key stats and information from the report:

  1. 45% of workers expect to work more flexibly after lock-down is lifted, 33% expect to work from home 3 days a week, 81% expect at least one remote working day. 

  2. 92% of UK companies reported an increase in cyber attacks with more employees working from home because of the pandemic.

  3. 70% of companies said their primary continuity concern is further disruption from a second wave of the virus.

  4. 'Forecasting and strategic planning' as well as 'cyber-security' are the leading areas of impact for emerging tech, as seen by financial decision makers.

  5. 71% of those adopting a DaaS model spent less on computing devices while also reducing cyber-threat and the burden on IT support teams.

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