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Gain insight into your office processes with Xenith User Analytics

Written by Julian Sadler, Sr. Account Manager & Team Leader

In recent years the use of data in business has seen rapid expansion. Whichever way you look at it; data can be daunting, or data can be enlightening. Today I want to share some thoughts on our latest pioneering offer – Xenith User Analytics.

Every time I visit a potential client, I always ask three questions in order to gauge the potential for optimisation and increased efficiency:

  1. Which department(s) use the most paper, and complete the most processes?
  2. What are your current paper-based processes, and can you walk me through them?
  3. How much are you currently spending on print and documents?

Do you think you’d be able to answer those questions?

Very rarely can the potential client answer all three, if any. This is not something I blame them for. It’s very difficult to measure user behaviour and to objectively evaluate your own working processes. Further, its even harder to have insight into how you compare with other similar organisations, and how they are tackling similar challenges. Xenith User Analytics is designed to help you meet these challenges.


Identify wasted resources and inefficient processes

With our unique offering we can extrapolate that data to paint a detailed picture of who is printing/scanning/copying, what the content or type of documents are, when they are being processed, and begin to question why.

Print and scan analytics

Together, we can help you identify where costly and inefficient time processes are in your business. Why is Joe/Jane Bloggs printing 30 emails and a day and every PDF attachment they receive? Does Mr/Mrs Bloggs simply need a second/third monitor? Or is there an overarching internal issue which is preventing the Board from reaching their strategic goals for the year - as staff simply don’t have enough time with all the current steps in business processes?

Print and scan analytics 2


Make office workflows and processes more efficient

Xenith User Analytics is there to highlight broken business processes, so we can help you to reform and streamline them. In a world of data, we think it’s really important that you understand what your users are doing. What’s more, is that we can use Xenith User Analytics to benchmark your company against your competitors, or your different offices against each other with the ‘Xenith Industry Mean Score’. 

Print and scan analytics 3

In the past, we have used the tool to identify quick wins – instantly saving £1000s needlessly spent on print; transformed environmental and sustainability initiatives; and discovered hundreds of man hours of time that could be saved by making small improvements to current processes.

To watch a demonstration of what the tool looks like, get in touch with your account manager today or contact us on the form below.

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