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How To Manage Digitilisation For Location Free Working

Location Free Working is a concept of being able to work effectively, regardless of location or when work gets done. In Part 6, Marc talks about 'Managing Digitalisation & Transformation' and the impact it has on location free working.

  • The common misunderstanding between digitisation and digitalisation
  • How to achieve more with automation and digital transformation
  • An introduction to an Intelligent Automation Ecosystem, powered by market-leading technologies to create a single platform for all the stages of digitalisation and transformation

"Bring in the digital workforce to free time for creative thinking and create the headspace for employees and leaders to adapt to the ever-changing requirements."

Watch Part 6 of Marc's talk, Managing Digitalisation & Transformation, below:


This is part of our latest video series, in which Marc Ueckermann, Chief Technology Officer at Xenith, explores 6 crucial elements of enabling location free working. 

Marc recently presented this content at the Enterprise Digital Workplace 2020 conference in November, alongside companies like Ikea, JP Morgan and BAE. The talk was very well attended and stimulated lots of debate amongst IT & transformation leadership professionals. We will be publishing extracts of the talk over the coming three weeks, but you can also watch the full presentation video here

Click here to learn more about how to enable location free working in our extended video, covering all 6 crucial elements.