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How to Proofread Documents with your printer

19 December 2019

Remember when phones were only good for phone calls, texting and maybe the calendar? It feels like a long time ago, especially since the rise of the smartphone over a decade ago. It’s fair to say that technology has come a long way since the millennium and one such device that has evolved far beyond what it was designed for is the printer. 

The functionality of a printer was once limited to printing and print related functions such as scanning and copying, depending on your device. Some of today’s office printers and multifunctional devices/printers (MFD/MFP) go far beyond this functionality, adding in smartphone/tablet like screens and a variety of apps to increase office productivity. 

One of these apps actually has the ability to proofread a document for you. 

That’s right, the Xerox Proofreader Service gives users instant access to a powerful tool that checks for spelling, grammar, style, and plagiarism right from the MFP.

Proofreader 2-1-1-1

The user simply scans or uploads the document to their Xerox ConnectKey enabled device and the app does the rest, sending a report to the user with any suggested corrections. The Proofreader app aims to make documents and document workflows more efficient by ensuring the document in question is accurate and well-written. 

How to proofread a document with your printer:

Step One: Open the Proofreader app on your Xerox ConnectKey enabled device and log in.

Step Two: Choose your proofreading options and choose whether to receive the report by print and/or email.

Step Three: Scan or upload the document.

Step Four: Receive and review the proofread document.

Learn more about the Xerox Proofreader App in the video:


If you’re interested in learning more about the Proofreader App or if you’d like to know more about other apps for your MFD, head over to our Apps page, here


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