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Transform the way you work with Xerox DocuShare Content Management

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is becoming increasingly important in organisations of all sizes - it’s being driven, at least in part, by the need for better digital solutions and digital transformation.

Although defined as a system or software used to “organise, manage, and distribute unstructured content” (G2), a leading ECM solution like Xerox DocuShare introduces automation workflows to bring extra value to the business. 

What is Xerox DocuShare Content Management?

DocuShare is one of the most flexible, easy-to-use content management platforms on the market today. It manages a wide range of paper and digital content and automates your business processes.

It has been designed to support digital transformation strategies while fitting with your current processes and works across different departments within your organisation. 

Key Features of Xerox DocuShare:

While Xerox DocuShare Content Management boasts many impressive features, there are two major schools of thought behind all the functionality and features available: Easy, Intuitive Content Management and Office Productivity.

Capture - Capture, index, and store unstructured and structured content to facilitate downstream use.

Manage - Categorise, store, organise, and manage the lifecycle of your business content.

Collaborate - Promote communication through document-level collaboration capability.

Process - Automate data-intensive business processes for efficient and accurate decision-making. User-configurable workflows that allow business managers to easily set automated actions that occur when an event happens.

Secure - Secure sensitive data through user/group based access and automate retention and disposition.

Access - Access your business critical content both online and offline, through desktop and mobile devices.

Customise - Configurable user-interface that can be adapted by each user.

Transform the way you work with Xerox DocuShare Content Management
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