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Fully integrated with the rest of the Intelligent Automation Platform, Unified Communications enable organisations to better engage with customers and constituents, in the manner they prefer, by producing and managing personalised correspondence (e.g. contracts, proposals, insurance or mortgage documentation, etc.). These documents can be delivered across a wide variety of channels, including e-mail, print and online formats, making it a key component in digital transformation strategies.

Improve visibility of information:

Provide complete, correct and timely information customers can rely on—with complete control over the content, tone and branding—in the format they prefer.

Achieve operational excellence:

A single platform to gather data from various sources and create and manage tailored, intelligent communications optimises business processes, saves time and improves operational efficiency

Guaranteed standards & compliance:

Our software makes it easy to ensure that all of an organisation’s documents are compliant with defined internal and external standards, avoiding costly non-compliance penalties

Deliver enterprise agility:

Empowering business users to respond quickly to changes with accurate, relevant and personalised content creates a more agile organisation.

Increase customer intimacy:

Moving from “personalised” to truly “personal” tailored communications improves customer conversations

Multichannel Capture@4x

Communications can be generated automatically or through an interactive process.

The software’s template engine automatically combines data (structured content) from various sources and converts it into tailored, intelligent documents and communications, producing output in paged (print or pdf) and non-paged formats (email, HTML, XML).

It requires very little IT effort and is easy to use and integrate with existing systems.

Customer Experience Management@4x

Empowers organisations to manage all use cases: high-volume batch, real-time on-demand and interactive customer correspondence.

The unified platform eliminates the need for multiple document generation and output management tools.

This helps organisations respond to changes faster and more quickly author personal communications for improved customer service.

Part of our AI-driven Intelligent Automation Platform

Every organisation is in a different stage of digital maturity and has often already invested in some automation.

This is why our Intelligent Automation Platform is designed to enable customers to “adopt and extend” intelligent automation capabilities (technically and commercially) that meet their organisational priorities.

Not only is every segment of our platform deeply integrated, but we also have connectors for many of the leading automation brands in the market today - enabling a quicker and more economical turn around for your automation projects.

You can explore the sections of our platform that are the best fit for your organisation - safe in the knowledge that you can scale to integrate other highly compatible elements of our platform at any point.

Alternatively, get in touch for a free bespoke workshop to help imagine the use of intelligent automation in your company.

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