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Connected Apps

You’ve invested in an MFD, so why not get more from your investment?

Getting more from your MultiFunction Device (MFD)

Apps were primarily built for use on mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, and now they are available on MFD’s. Apps avoid complex infrastructure, like servers and separate software solutions.  So, if you are going digital with your documents to save office space, lower costs, and reduce waste, this is a great starting point.

The good news is that software companies make app versions of their products and this software's functionality is now available on MFD’s

Connect for DocuSign
Connect for NetSuite
Connect for SalesForce App
Connect for Microsoft OneDrive
Connect for GoogleDrive
QuickBooks Online
Connect for iManage
Connect for DropBox


Apps we've mapped.  Our solutions integrate with your technology investments.

Use our simple business connector apps to 

  • Digital format

    Transform documents to audio files, or digital formats where users can easily edit

  • Secure route

    Route critical documents securely to those in your network

  • Direct links

    Link and route documents directly to their destinations for efficient processing

  • Scan to cloud

    Scan documents to cloud folders, for instant collaboration with remote workers

  • Print

    Print from the cloud, directly at the MFD's interface

  • Translate documents

    Enable translation services of documents, directly from the MFD

Is IT drowning in helpdesk tickets?

Service and Support apps can 

  • Show open service tickets and status, on the front panel of the MFD
  • Alert end users that a consumable has been ordered and share dispatch details 
  • Reduce end-user calls for IT assistance

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