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How a large medical group developed healthy document handling.

Xenith implemented a two-pronged approach: 1-Optimising the hard-copy environment for efficiency, and 2-Configuring software integrations to transform the company to a sustainable way of working.


This large professional medical association was founded over 90 years ago and has over 16,000
members worldwide, working to improve the standard of healthcare delivered to women.
Working with Xenith, they wanted to improve the user experience around working with documents in
their offices, making it quick and easy for their workers to print, as well as access the data they need
when they need it – be it in paper or digital form.
They wanted a reliable solution, one that would also reduce their impact on the environment.

Multi-functional devices (MFDs) with Connect Key.

Connect Key enabled easy one-touch scanning to e-mail, user applications, server file structures, cloud-based sharing/storage products and document management solutions.

Live analytics.

Provided visibility to bill back users, and categorising departmental compliance, with dynamic data management. Enabling quicker process driven decisions, from live data to achieve KPIs.

Scanning solutions.

Implemented for end users scanning to commonly and preferred applications. Users converted file formats with the push of an MFD button.


  • One working day

    Per month returned for higher-value efforts. By improving scanning solutions, personalised shortcuts, better workflow processes we returned a whole working day per month.

  • Power consumption

    Additional 53% reduction in power consumption due to the new hardware and software solutions – great for the environment (cost saving of £556.39 pa.)

  • Help desk

    90% of print related tasks were dealt with proactively by Xenith’s Helpdesk, freeing up 2.6 man hours from the internal IT team per quarter.

  • CO2 emissions

    42% less CO2 emissions.

  • 28 trees saved annually

    Print management software, reduced print levels and facilitated a sustainable way of working.

  • Cost saving

    Ongoing efficiency and cost saving adjustments by looking at management information.

  • 15% volume reduced

    The solution resulted in a further 15% volume reduction, reducing energy and saving £7K over the contract.

The Next Step

The roll out of mobile print is also being planned at the time of writing this case study. This will provide guests and users the convenience and flexibility to print quickly and securely from their mobile devices.

Having optimised the hardcopy environment, this large professional medical association continues to work  with Xenith in order to facilitate digital transformation. We are currently working together in order to digitalise a vast amount of paper-based records. This will bring about several benefits:

Records and documents are tagged, easy access by users

Disaster recovery policy due to digital archiving

Cloud storage of documents, accessible by remote workers

Print/Scan to DocuShare, direct from the MFD interface

The use of Ai Scanning can make the digitalisation of paper-based records quick and easy as a solution learns how and where to store documents based on your existing file structure and the content of the scanned document.
It can, for example, recognise a policy document regarding a certain area of research, and store the document in the correct cloud folder with the right meta data, file name and permissions attributed to it.

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