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Solving a challenge

Sustainability is a global crisis and we need to activate positive changes locally. With Xenith, you can offset your paper consumption by replanting trees. And that's an easy start.

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Almost 60% of Customers surveyed said they have sustainability goals

“You print one. We’ll plant one.” - PrintReleaf.

In partnership with PrintReleaf, Xenith have launched a new initiative for customers that helps to increase sustainability and environmental friendliness. 

The program, PrintReleaf, allows you to contribute to reforestation projects around the world based on your print usage. For some organisations print is not a possibility, however we will plant forests for those without alternatives.  

Xenith Clients Have Reforested 577 Trees and Counting



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Customers have sustainability goals


Often it can be difficult to engage employees when it comes to sustainable initiatives, however, the importance of them in sustainable outcomes is crucial. By making a conscious effort to engage employees in sustainability initiatives will help to progress goals, along with retaining talent and keeping staff motivated. 

Xenith have launched a fantastic new initiative helping you to positively contribute to reforestation projects around the globe. Where paperless options are not available, then you will be given peace of mind knowing that you are helping to neutralise the environmental impact caused by print and paper. PrintReleaf will measure the amount of paper you consume over a period of time and then replant how many trees it took to produce that amount of paper. This will increase environmental friendliness and contribute to reforestation projects depending on how much you print, tieing sustainability with business processes. 

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Explaining key steps of service

The first step is the Print Releaf Program, which offsets everything you print:

  • Importance of reforestation

    Reforestation is becoming increasingly important and is crucial to the wellbeing of the planet and everything in it. It is estimated that more than one billion people rely on forests for a source of fuel, medicine and food. By helping to offset paper consumption and replant the trees in our forests, you will positively contribute to the planet.

  • Login to our PrintReleaf’s portal

    Are you interested in making a positive contribution to the planet? With PrintReleaf, you will be officially helping to reforest. In your PrintReleaf’s portal you will be able to see the pages offset against how many trees will be reforested, as well as where you would like them to be planted. (CTA More, anchors to PRL Landing Page in Related Content - below)

  • PDF Advanced Editor Tool

    Kofax Power PDF tool is extremely simple to use and is another way to replace a paper process, moving in the right direction towards digital. If you constantly print off something so that you can annotate it and subsequently waste paper, with a PDF editor the waste is no longer an issue. Annotate, sign and refer to documents online in one secure location.