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Partners and Awards

MPS Plus

Driving Organisational Excellence

MPS Plus

MPS Plus is Xenith's award-winning end to end service through which we take care of your entire document infrastructure. We do this by using innovative hardware and software solutions to help meet your business goals. As a proven agile and responsive market leader, we evolve continuously in response to changing market needs and technological innovation.

With Xenith, organisations enjoy an average uptime of 99.6% and average cost savings of 42%, heightened security and an overall average client satisfaction rate of 97%.

Xenith customers experience impressive gains in cost savings, process efficiencies and environmental benefits:



reduction in print-related helpdesk calls at IMS Health


reduction in direct print costs at CMC Markets


increase in employee productivity at Hachette


fewer trees consumed at the Royal Horticultural Society.

How does MPS Plus deliver this?

We take customers on an MPS Plus journey from simple cost savings to broad-reaching business solutions that meet strategic objectives and deliver ongoing excellence across the enterprise.


    Delivering financial savings and efficiencies by transforming print and document infrastructure. In this phase, we deliver a strong solution design and service provision which form the basis of further innovations and optimisations in later phases.


    Taking a organisation-wide and long-range view of goals and requirements. In this phase, we address broader business objectives to build a document infrastructure that will support your shift to a digital information environment for transformed process efficiencies and accessibility.


    Driving ongoing business transformation with best practice and innovation. In this phase, we work closely as you maintain competitive advantage with targeted adoption of technology innovations and best practice in document management.

Each phase is supported by our four-step methodology


Our Resources

At Xenith, we’ve put in place the right resources to support your organisation through the MPS Plus journey to excellence:



Seasoned Account Managers: 

Our team of account managers has remained stable for many years, getting to know clients in depth and drawing on years of business experience and technological expertise to deliver continual innovation.


Specialist Business Transformation Team: 

Our in-house trainers, project managers, business analysts, service delivery managers and IT support work together to make any changes necessary to transform your business environment.



Personal and professional helpdesk: 

Our proactive helpdesk - based in the same office as the rest of our team - gets to know your company and serves as a single point of contact for all customers.


Data-driven analysis: 

We use insights from big data collected from your environment with unique tools in order to continually optimise your solution and printing policy over the lifetime of your contract.



We are the leading Xerox Platinum Partner for MPS

Xenith was awarded Xerox MPS Partner of the Year in 2016, for the fifth consecutive year. Our partnership with Xerox, the global MPS market leader, gives our customers access to the most effective MPS toolset, a product of the huge investment the global leader in MPS makes in R&D, as well as the largest engineer workforce in the country.




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“Xenith have created a robust and reliable solution that virtually manages itself, allowing us to deliver environmental and cost benefits without compromising on quality.”

Lyn Alway, Facilities Team Manager, CACHE

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