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Xenith's Assessments

Xenith’s Assessments are focused on finding ways to make your workplace and staff more efficient and productive so that you can make a business case for change.

Every Xenith Assessment is bespoke to the needs and objectives of what you are trying to accomplish, however they broadly fall into three categories.

What Do You Get From A Xenith Assessment?

Featuring Xenith Business Analysts, Nick Smart and George Wood-Greaves

Device Analytics

Reduce the cost of device ownership by 43% by optimising your print fleet with Device Analytics

Our business intelligence team uses Device Analytics to build a thorough and comprehensive overview of your print fleet. Through building an accurate picture of your print infrastructure today, we can help you to identify and quantify opportunity for improvement tomorrow.

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User & Document Analytics

Devices don’t print documents – users do. 

Xenith’s analyst team assess and present the data with User Analytics to provide quick-win cost-saving recommendations as well as identify commonly used documents to further analyse with Document Analytics.

Part One: Identify and prioritise processes to digitalise for a quick RoI and maximum savings.

Part Two: Analyse and quantify paper-heavy processes

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Process Analytics

Digitise paper-based processes to be 4x faster and 57% more cost efficient

Process analytics breaks down and quantifies the steps that make up your business processes. This gives you a clearer view of “who, what, and when”, at every stage of the workflow.

We can then identify steps that don’t add value (to you or your customers) and are therefore wasteful in terms of cost, resources, time or customer satisfaction.

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