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Device Analytics

Reduce the cost of device ownership by 43% by optimising your print fleet with Device Analytics

Our business intelligence team uses Device Analytics to build a thorough and comprehensive overview of your print fleet. Through building an accurate picture of your print infrastructure today, we can help you to identify and quantify opportunity for improvement tomorrow.

A Xenith analyst will capture and analyse your device data using our unique discovery tool.

This presents an intuitive floorplan-based drag & drop visual interface, unique depth and detail of data collection for superior insight, TCO and Green reporting and future state design.

An introduction to Device Analytics Assessment (compressed)
Device Analytics Charts

How it is conducted:

Understanding the financial and environmental impact of your printer fleet is where device analytics excels, and it does this by relying on data derived from the devices themselves.

By identifying conditions such as device underutilisation and highlighting areas of the business that are spending too much on consumables, device analytics can help organisations reduce the total cost of ownership of printing and foster more sustainable printing practices.

What you get:

What you get in Device Analytics

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