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How Kofax ControlSuite improves workflow automation, securely

In a time when sustainability, security and productivity battle to be the top priority in any business process, Kofax ControlSuite plays an integral role. 

To summarise the platform: It’s a single solution that securely enables your digital office experience by managing the complete document lifecycle from capture to user experience, to output. Kofax ControlSuite provides secure + compliant workflows through a combination of Print Management, Document Capture + Workflow throughout the organization

Here are 5 applications to get started with when using Kofax ControlSuite:

1) Remove disruptions by automatically feeding data to where your business needs it

Kofax ControlSuite’s Document Capture & Workflow capabilities can be used to automatically capture content and then deliver the information contained in the documents to the right destination.  Whether in your company’s document management system, OneDrive, GoogleDocs, shared network folders, or direct into your business operating systems to continue an automated workflow securely. 

2) Improve security + compliance from ungoverned document storage 

As information comes into the business, it’s essential to capture it in the right place, both from a security perspective and to ensure that it’s managed properly. With ControlSuite, organisations can set rules and routing to prevent employees from saving documents on their own drives or desktops.

3) Mobile document capture and workflow initialisation

You can provide continuity to mobile and hybrid workforces - whether supporting salespeople travelling for meetings or employees working collaboratively from any location, including work with external contractors.

The documents and information can be captured and a workflow initiated in a compliant and secure manner.

4) Mitigate risk with compliant processes around PII

ControlSuite allows you to keep track of every person that has accessed a document. This helps to keep documents secure and in the event of any suspicious activity, you can rapidly pinpoint who has accessed the document.

As personal data is a key regulatory requirement across all industries, Controlsuite helps you to avoid large fines and reputational damage by enforcing compliant processes.

5) Prompt digital correspondence instead of paper

As noted previously, productivity and security are top of the priority list when it comes to any business process, but increasing in importance are sustainability and environmental impact.

ControlSuite makes it possible to automate prompts that can drive change in printing culture. For example, when employees go to print something they’re advised to consider a digital alternative.  Business and sustainability, it's a win-win.

Talk to Xenith's technical team to enable more power for productivity and the environment - find out how your business could benefit from ControlSuite here

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