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ControlSuite - Application

Enable Security and Compliance across all your paper AND digital information

We live in a hybrid world where some business processes are paper-based others have become digital. One thing is certain - an organisation can’t function without bringing in, formulating and transmitting information, communicated through physical and digital documents.

However, with information comes the question of information security:

  • 71% of all cybersecurity incidents are caused by inadvertent employee actions—including leaving private printed documents unattended.
  • 21% increase over the past year in security vulnerabilities in connected devices including printers, laptops & smartphones 
  • 61% of organizations have reported a print-related data breach

In the past, no one has had the ability to actively manage, secure, and govern virtually every aspect of information distribution in documents via printing, scanning, routing, and storing throughout the enterprise. Until now.

Conntrol Suite - How it Works

ControlSuite with 'Content-Aware' is a robust platform to facilitate workflow automation, security and governance across print, capture and output management.

It is a single, integrated, easy-to-manage solution that can be configured to automate a wide range of document- and information-dependent tasks:


Manage, secure, and govern your documents through unified printing, scanning, and automated workflows, protecting them from inadvertent and deliberate exposure.

Our Content-Aware feature identifies inappropriate printing or processing of information and can automatically redact things like:

  • Social Security numbers
  • Passport numbers
  • Healthcare information
  • Account numbers
  • Credit card numbers
    and more....

SPECIAL OFFER: From now, until the end of 2020, any purchases of ControlSuite will include 5 free licences of Kofax Power PDF Advanced for each device that ControlSuite is installed on.

Conditions apply, get in touch to learn more.



Ensure documents get to all the right people at the right time, every time, through the right workflows and processes.


Automatically generate audit trails that track your documents wherever they go.

Print Management Services

  • Unified authentication (MFP and mobile)
  • Secure print release
  • Usage tracking and auditing
  • Print cost avoidance and reduction 
  • Print accountability and auditing 

Capture Services

  • Scanning and document routing 
  • Business system connectors 
  • Multichannel capture integration (mobile, MFP, desktop, email, etc.)
  • OCR conversion
  • System-to-system connectors
ControlSuite Customer Experience-1

Output Management Services

  • Information monitoring
  • Information redaction
  • Secure document quarantine and release

Workflow Automation

  • Document workflow automation 
  • Mobile workflow automation 

Control Suite has a simplified install & configuration experience, and can be deployed and supported around the world.

Find out if Control Suite is right for your company. Request an assessment here.
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