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Create, Edit, Convert & Compare PDFs

Sign/Send PDFs for signature out of the box, or Integrate DocuSign

Annotate, Mark-up, Make Notes & Highlight

Securely Share & Collaborate on Documents

Create PDF Forms & Digitise Paper Forms

Digitise Letters, Correspondence & Marketing

Power PDF

Other features include:

  • Search PDFs
  • Embed rich media in PDFs
  • Convert PDFs to Audio
  • Compare two documents
  • Highlight
  • Redact
  • Compliance:
    • Metadata scrubbing
    • Microsoft RMS & FileOpen DRM
    • Document encryption
    • Digital certificates
    • Feature lock-down
Power PDF 4-1

Power PDF is easier to use, more secure and
costs 67% less than comparable leading products. 


  • A ribbon style interface that makes tool locations obvious
  • Fewer clicks to get work done
  • Fantastic customisation options


  • Security without passwords using Microsoft Active Directory Rights Management System
  • Clear and accessible security tools with industry standard capabilities
  • Lock down network connections and features for compliance and best practices


  • Take commenting and editing to new levels of productivity
  • Edit the text in a PDF with word processing like capabilities
  • Unique capabilities like creating table of contents and stamp tool features
Power PDF 3-1

Power PDF is used by more than 38% of the market in industries that work heavily with PDFs.

Conversions & Scanning

  • Experience unequaled levels of accuracy from the leader in document conversion technology
  • Leverage your Copier/MFP for the fastest, most effective way to turn paper into PDF files
  • Scan and highlight, redact or cross out text in one step


  • Perform intelligent Looks Like Search™ via an alphanumeric pattern rather than exact text
  • Proofread the hidden text in your scanned documents automatically for maximum search precision
  • Search and highlight, redact or cross out text in one step
Power PDF

Fully supported by our Helpdesk

Power PDF is very intuitive to set up and use. However, our staff are at hand to answer any questions and help your workers get the most from using the software. 

Remember, one of the big advantages of Power PDF is that you can set up shortcuts for commonly used operations and functions, and arrange your workspace and ribbons in a way that enhances productivity.

Our helpdesk and support staff understand business processes in various departments - we can help get you up and running in record time. We can also help you automate workflows and integrate them with your back-end systems using Power PDF.

Power PDF 2-1

Great for remote working & a step towards digital transformation.

Power PDF is a quick and easy first step towards going digital, as it enables you to replace many processes which are paper-based. 

If you find yourself printing something so that you can annotate, sign or refer to it - just to throw it away later or scan it back into your system - Power PDF can make your workflow quicker and easier.

Power PDF also aids business continuity in situations when you do not have access to paper, printing, or copying facilities - for example, when you are working remotely, or when you have to work from home during an emergency situation.

You can combine Power PDF with a Content Management Platform like DocuShare Flex in order to truly leverage the power of digital transformation, and make your work even quicker, easier, more productive and completely seamless - regardless of which department or industry you are in.

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