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7 Print Technology Advancements you need to know about


Modern print technology has helped print production companies cut costs, improve efficiencies and meet deadlines. And it could help your business, too.

These aren’t incremental improvements, either; the following seven print technology advancements are helping organisations all over the world make strategic leaps forward.


1. Front-to-back registration

Complicated and time consuming, front-to-back registration is tricky for even skilled print operators.

Now, advanced passes can perform this once manual routine in either a fully automatic or semi automatic way, which means no more fiddling around when loading paper.

2. New colour and toner technology

Some print advancements are almost invisible, but can make a huge difference to your bottom line and the finished product.

For instance, automatic colour technology now checks for stability and density, and the new generation of toner uses emulsion aggregation to lower service costs, sharpen image quality and reduce energy usage.

3. Faster presses

Speeds of up to 100ppm can now be achieved with the new generation of presses, even if you use 350gsm or coated paper.

4. Automation

Automation is revolutionising printing and removing countless human-led errors that impact throughput and profit margins.

For instance, print automation can easily handle soft and hard proofing when dealing with customer sign-off - a huge efficiency gain.

5. Workflows

When you can hit a meaningfully higher number of pages-per-minute, you can automate workflows that were previously carried out manually.

New print technology enables you to take jobs such as printing booklets with multiple inserts and automate the entire process so the job completes perfectly.

Why reinvent the wheel every time you need to print something more complex?

6. Image enhancing

In the past, you’d have to source optimum quality photos for every print job, but with new presses that offer built-in tools for image enhancement, you can rely on the printer to automatically improve lower quality imagery.

Brightness and colour adjustments can also be made by the print devices themselves, resulting in a higher quality print every time (and quickly, to boot!).

7. New services

Perhaps the biggest advancement in print technology is what the new presses enable you to do.

Consider the following benefits new print tech delivers:

  • Expand your offering: more jobs can be undertaken that relate to print, due to the speed and quality of output
  • New challenges: you can take on jobs you might otherwise have refused due to print requirements you couldn’t previously deliver
  • Gain a competitive edge: what are your competitors doing with print? Are they embracing new technology that makes them smarter, leaner and more productive?
New print technology can completely change the way you work - and the best news? It isn’t technology for its own sake - these are practical solutions that will help you grow and conquer the diverse challenges of the digital age.