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Elevate to the Cloud

Elevate to Cloud PM Software

More and more businesses embrace cloud computing to access and manage their IT resources.  However, Cloud Print Management is often left as the last piece of puzzle to complete their transition, to the cloud.

We're exploring the benefits of Cloud Print Management and why companies should consider making the switch from traditional on-premise Print Management solutions or embrace Print Management for the first time as it becomes a much more appealing proposition in the Cloud.

Cloud Print Management solutions reduce the burden on IT, that currently exists with managing a traditional print infrastructure. Traditional Print Management solutions are typically based on architecture with on-premises print servers which means IT are having to manage driver installation, device configuration, firmware updates, print queue management, and server management.

Cloud Print Management also aligns with customer sustainability goals. By reducing or eliminating print servers, organisations can lower costs and reduce environmental impact through lower energy usage.

  • Top 10 benefits of Cloud Print Management
  1. Cost savings: By outsourcing the maintenance and management of the underlying infrastructure to a third-party provider, businesses can reduce their IT costs and free up resources that can be used for other purposes.
  2. Access to print without having to be office bound but with none of the associated data loss or security concerns.
  3. Scalability: Cloud Print Management solutions are highly scalable, making it easy for businesses to expand or reduce usage as needed quickly.
  4. Flexibility: Cloud Print Management solutions are highly flexible, allowing businesses to adapt to changing requirements and business needs quickly.
  5. Improved security: Cloud Print Management solutions can provide enhanced security by leveraging the expertise of the third-party provider to secure the underlying infrastructure and ensure that data is protected.
  6. Simple Integration: Integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Azure AD and Google Workspace so you’re up and running immediately.
  7. Automatic updates: bypass the requirement of using GPO’s avoiding Print Nightmare issues.
  8. Ease of updates to new features: As the features are released, these are automatically deployed, so organisations gain quickly.
  9. Enhanced service capabilities: No more print driver updates or software bug fixes are required for in-house teams.
  10. Insight to print data across the whole organisation: Having data about print usage readily available has a considerable number of benefits, including understanding user behaviour and two teams doing the same job in different offices. One is printing, and the other doesn’t. Could that team have figured out a better way of doing the work?
  • Why Companies Should Consider Cloud Print Management?

The benefits of Cloud Print Management are clear: cost savings, sustainability goals, scalability, flexibility, and improved security. But that's not all, Cloud Print Management also offers increased efficiency and productivity.  IT team members valuable time is freed up for other more critical business tasks.

Additionally, the best Cloud Print Management solutions are built from the cloud and are often more user-friendly and easier to use than traditional MPS solutions. This can result in a more positive user experience and higher adoption rates among employees.

  • What’s The Future of Cloud Print Management?

As the trend towards cloud computing continues to gain momentum, more and more businesses will likely adopt Cloud Print Management solutions. In the coming years, we can expect further innovation and advancements in this field, making them even more cost-effective, efficient, and secure.

“Cloud adoption continues to increase, underpinning the digital transformation journey. 20% expect their IT infrastructure to be fully in the cloud by 2025, a rise from 6% today. A further 41% expect it to be mostly in the cloud, a rise from 21% today. This is creating momentum in the cloud print services market, as more organisations recognise the benefits of eliminating or minimising their reliance on on-premises print servers”. - Quocirca Cloud Print Services 2022 Market Landscape

In conclusion, Cloud Print Management's cost-effective, sustainable, secure and efficient way to manage your print, don’t leave this as the last piece of the jigsaw. Make the switch to Cloud Print Management or enter the fray for the first time today, we'll help you make a difference for your business.

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