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How to scan multiple receipts for expenses at one time

Submitting an expense report can be time-consuming enough without the need to then scan in multiple receipts one-by-one to ensure you get reimbursed for your transport, food and drink and any other business expenses incurred for a conference or meeting. 

It’s odd that a process as important as submitting expenses can still be so difficult and if you’ve ever missed out on being paid your expenses because of an error or technicality, you’ll know how frustrating the process can be. 

In order to make the process easier for employees and indeed the accounting department that have to deal with the requests, there are options that allow you to scan multiple receipts at one time and actually submit them straight into an expenses system like QuickBooks Online for approval.

QuickBooks Online 1-1

QuickBooks Online is a Xerox connector app, linking users directly to the service to streamline the expense reporting process.

How to scan multiple receipts for expenses at one time

Using the QuickBooks Online app on a Xerox ConnectKey enabled device, it’s easy to scan multiple receipts and then submit directly into the expenses system in only a few steps:

Step One: Sign into the app on your MFD.

Step Two: Place multiple receipts on the scanner glass and scan.

Step Three: Edit the expenses submission as needed.

Step Four: Submit your expenses and even notify accounting that they’ve been submitted. 

Find out more about QuickBooks Online here or in this Xerox video:

If you’re interested in automating accounting and finance processes, you can learn more here.