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How Xenith implemented PC/DaaS for a specialist insurance company

How Xenith implemented PC DaaS for a specialist insurance company

Apollo Underwriters, an independent specialist insurance and service company, underwrites insurance premiums close to one billion USD annually. Switching from CapEx to OpEx, they bundled PC DaaS technology with Xenith services to revolutionise how they fulfill their hardware needs. 

The Challenge:

As a traditional office-based environment, Apollo would previously purchase their hardware outright as a capital expense and depreciate their devices over five years. However, replacements and repairs were frequently required before devices had fully depreciated, at a further upfront expense on top. 

The surplus of outdated hardware in Apollo’s inventory would still need to be licensed and maintained by the IT function at Apollo, but providing no real value. So when considering their growth plans and changing technology demands, this approach wasn’t offering the scalability and flexibility they needed, and they didn’t have enough funds for both projects. 

The Solution: 

Keen to move away from the traditional ways of working and shift to becoming more aligned with remote working, Apollo changed the way they buy technology. Using Xenith PC/DaaS, the IT team can maintain an up-to-date fleet of devices without a huge upfront investment. 

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The Outcome:

Apollo has been able to embrace technological change and update their fleet of devices to be newer, more powerful, or more portable, in line with business needs. With the latest tech kit and a decrease in service tickets, IT capacity was improved and users were kept happy. 

PC/DaaS also eliminated the need for IT to remove or recycle old devices. Instead, at Xenith, we clear outdated devices of company data and dispose of all the outdated hardware sustainably.

Listen to our full conversation with Steve Coldwell, Head of IT at Apollo, to hear more about his experience implementing PC/DaaS with Xenith. 


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Xenith PC/DaaS presents a modernised approach to device management, helping IT teams to overcome the challenges of remote working and establishing a secure, modern digital workspace. PC/DaaS presents a whole host of time-saving, financial, and security benefits including:

  • Maximised budget allocation so you can invest in other business areas for growth.
  • Enhanced security to keep your company data and systems protected.
  • Minimised strain on IT teams to manage devices and provide support to staff.

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