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What does Xenith PC/DaaS support look like?

Many factors determine the right PC/DaaS solution for your company. Having trusted, dedicated support is no doubt a crucial aspect, allowing IT to step away from the day-to-day burdens of device management confidently. At Xenith, we even offer reliable proactive support, working to prevent technical problems from occurring in the first place wherever possible. 

Let’s delve into what to expect from Xenith’s PC/DaaS support processes…

A dedicated team on hand to help, 24 hours a day 

With Xenith PC/DaaS, all customers can access dedicated support as and when they need it. You’ll have an Account Team and access to our helpdesk for fast assistance.

We have 24-hour security management and monitoring available if you require it. It provides added peace of mind and security, further freeing IT teams for other important business initiatives.


Proactive end-user support

We can provide end-user support on-site or remotely, depending on your requirements. And with proactive management at no extra cost, we help to support end users by identifying and resolving device issues before they cause disruption. Whether it’s battery monitoring or hard drive health assessments, our proactive support helps to reduce the strain on IT teams. New call-to-action

Flexible service packs to suit your business needs

No two businesses are the same, so we can tailor your PC/DaaS solution to your specific requirements. You can choose between tiered service packs for tailored device management support.

Tier 1: Basic 
Our core offering covers desk monitoring, auditing, OS patching and upgrades. We also offer preventative maintenance as standard, for a smooth end-user experience with minimal device downtime. With our core offering, you can also access foundational and remote support. 

Tier 2: Essential
Our essential offering adds enhanced protection and security. From application installation and patching to performance monitoring and management, we’ll ensure your devices perform at their best.

Tier 3: Advanced 
Our advanced offering includes all aspects of our basic and essential offering, with the addition of enhanced security features. With this tier, you receive application monitoring, compliance reporting, as well as cloud backup to secure your data. 


Choose Xenith as your PC/DaaS provider

For over 40 years we've helped businesses transform and modernise their processes. PC/DaaS allows you to stay agile, ready to keep pace with changing technology, and scale for growth. It gives flexibility to adjust your hardware and software and free up your cash flow to invest in other initiatives. Request a callback from the team at Xenith to discuss PC/DaaS today. 

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