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Kofax Accelerate 2021 - Modern Technologies That Will Optimise Your Remote Workforce

In May 2021, Kofax hosted 'Kofax Accelerate', a two-day immersive virtual conference covering a range of topics relating to intelligent automation, digital transformation, AI, RPA, digital workflows and the future of workplaces (to name a few). 

The conference brought to light a lot of different initiatives and key messages for those looking to innovate with automation and digitalisation in their organisation. 

During one breakout panel, Xenith's CTO, Marc Ueckermann, joined the conversation to speak about 'Modern technologies that will optimise your remote workforce'. 

Preview (watch the full webinar here):

The panel discussion looked at how to fully empower your remote and hybrid workforce, but it also came with some stark warnings about security and how we need to adapt from the rapid adoption of remote and hybrid working due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Here's a preview on what Marc had to say:

"We really see the next big challenge for organisations as enabling employees to work effectively regardless of their location."

"In recent surveys, 95% of people have already said that those in-person interactions are still really critical to their work-life balance. So finding the right mix and creating the right culture that enables that growth and innovation will be the real challenge, especially with how much the employees expectations of how work is getting done has changed over the last year."

"We've also seen a huge increase in cyber threats, up to a 600% increase, so it's going to be critical that every interaction point that companies work with, we work to try and fix some of the gaps that we've created."

"Technology is going to play such a huge part over the next few years as organisations are forced to adapt the way they work and the way people work to facilitate that."

"Advancements in cognitive technologies like AI and machine learning and then other technologies like robotics will make organisations rethink how their processes use data and documents and potentially even start to look at replacing human data processing and entry with a digital workforce in the future." 

Click here to watch the full on-demand webinar