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Capture Documents in the right places

Save employee time & improve the ROI of your document management system.

Reduce the number of misfiled documents, the time spent searching for documents and the hassle of storing documents, by letting Xenith’s Ai Capture automatically and intelligently classify them for you.

Our intelligent document classification solution has been built from the ground-up with security as a primary consideration. Documents are only passed to the service while they are actively being processed, usually only for a few seconds, and are then immediately deleted.

Who is Ai Capture for?

For the knowledge worker

It means the information is prepped and ready for them to start working on. Whether they want to analyse given information or use it to complete another dependent process, information is available to them in a workable format.

For the business owners

Ai brings unparalleled accuracy in document driven processes and eliminates the cost of manual sorting and data entry.

For a compliance manager

It makes it easier to govern the flow of information through the business. Documents are processed quickly and never stored locally, making document processing secure and compliant.

Document Classification Challenges


The importance of document classification has increased because of the digital data explosion that we see today.

Document classification is time-consuming and manual, but is important for the absorption of information into various business streams, realising the true value of information hidden in these documents.

Once the data on paper is digitalised, it can be used in automated workflows. At Xenith, we are experts in capturing information and we use the latest Ai technology to enhance document classification and information management.

Ai Capture - How it works

How it Works

Xenith’s Ai Capture uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically and intelligently classify documents for you, name them correctly and save them in the right location.

When you capture a document, our software contains algorithms that help a computer understand the content of the document. By using natural human language contained in documents, the computer correctly links this to your data sources to validate and classify, making that document actionable.

Machine learning algorithms enable computers to ‘learn’ and apply knowledge to new situations so only limited intervention is required. Cognitive automation includes algorithms that learn, estimate, plan and decide, just like humans would.

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