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8 Key Benefits Of A Digital Mailroom

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By digitising inbound mail, an organisation can reduce the cost of the mailroom processes, increase the efficiency of the mailroom and gain further savings through the automation of many downstream processes as a result.  

Here are the 8 key benefits of a digital mailroom:

1) Remove the need to manually sort inbound mail

Identify Document Types automatically through document content or layout using AI technology.

2) Deliver mail to recipients faster 

By removing the manual sorting and delivery steps, the speed of delivery to the recipient can be dramatically improved. 

3) Remove the need to manually enter indexing or routing data for each document

Automated Intelligent Data Capture will remove over 90% of the keying of data required for indexing or routing, with typical automation being over 98%.

4) Data Security

Using digital documents rather than the paper copy can ensure that documents are not lost or stolen and are tracked with full audit trails.

5) Accessibility

Access digital documents from any location in line with defined security access with a full audit trail.

6) Improved customer service

Improved customer service is delivered through faster processing of documents and through greater automated communications (e.g. an automated email to say documents are received and being processed etc.).

7) Reduced Manual Data Entry

The Intelligent Automation technologies employed within Xenith Digital Mailroom solutions can collect all the data required for any given document type in a single pass and make this data available to all process steps and all systems. This increases the bandwidth of your teams to drive more revenue with the same staffing levels.

8) Single Ingestion Mechanism

Avoid the costs of managing multiple points of receipt for documents (i.e. paper, email, mobile, web etc.).  The Xenith Digital Mailroom solutions will ingest your data and documents at a single point of entry and ensure that all documents and data are handled in the same way.

Choosing the right option for your business

When choosing to digitise your mailroom, it’s important to consider the options based on your company’s needs. For example, how you answer some of the following questions might affect the solution you choose:

How distributed is the receipt of mail across your organisation?
a) Do you have multiple offices receiving mail?
b) Does the paper need to be retained within those locations?
c) Is it viable to centralise where your mail is received?

  1. Does your business require working with the paper post, even once it has been digitised?
  2. Do you receive Cherished or Original Documents through the post?
  3. Is there a preference for outsourcing processes which do not have to be in-house?

In-House Digital Mailroom Solutions

Choosing an in-house or “on-premise” digital mailroom solution suits some companies because they can maintain internal control of the processes and all paper mail is still on hand if needed. 

With this option, the scanners and technology will be provided for digitising incoming mail and the process can be designed based around your company’s needs. 

The solution will also be optimised based on the types of mail and documents the business receives and the existing mailroom team will be involved in mapping the processes to ensure that mail is sorted, scanned and routed faster and with less effort than before.

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Outsourced Digital Mailroom Service

With an outsourced digital mailroom service, all mail is delivered directly to an outsourced services solution via one or more Royal Mail PO Boxes. The PO boxes keep your mail separate, which is then processed in a fast and efficient way.  Xenith’s outsourced service is wholly focused on the task of processing mail, so you benefit from efficiencies of scale and a dedicated experienced team.

All outsourced mail processing is tracked and audited to ISO standards to ensure security, transparency and accountability.  SLAs are in place to ensure that mail is delivered within a set number of hours from receipt and additional services can be included such as:

  • Storage of paper documents for a period of time
  • Return of Cherished Documents
  • Return of Original Documents
  • Automated notifications to clients and / recipients

The Outsourced Digital Mailroom Service allows our clients to remove all the costs and management overheads of hosting their own mailroom so they can focus on their key business deliverables, while still delivering all the benefits of digitising inbound post.

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