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Digital Mailroom

Digital Mailroom (Off Premise)

Automate the digitalisation & routing of all incoming mail

Our Digital Mail solution automates the capture of all incoming mail, whether it arrives on paper, in an email, via fax, or from sources such as mobile devices. The mail is then digitalised, analysed and sorted then eventually distributed to the correct recipients.

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Digital Mailroom (On-Premise)

Capture, digitalise, analyse and sort all incoming mail in your office

Our Onsite Digital Mailroom solution automates the capture, digitalisation, analysis and sorting of all incoming mail in your office. This enables secure storage of documents and therefore reduces the likelihood of losing information.


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Hybrid Mail

Hybrid Mail

Increase consistency & reduce the cost of customer communications

Compose, manage and print your entire organisation’s mail, and significantly reduce the associated costs whilst unleashing staff productivity and efficiency.

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