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Xenith Intelligent Automation

Transform and Simplify Information-Rich Customer Interactions

Today’s digitally-savvy consumers enjoy a multi-channel, anywhere, anytime experience when interacting with brands. 

To compete in this new reality and become a more digital business, you must engage with customers in ways that feel simple, connected and intuitive. 

This is especially important in those information-intensive initial interactions that can make or break a customer’s first impression of your business, such as customer onboarding, applications and claims.

By making these meaningful interactions seamless and straightforward, you can set the stage for enduring and profitable customer relationships.

Transforming these critical processes of engagement is now possible by combining multichannel capture, process management, information integration, customer communications, mobility, e-signature, and process intelligence and analytics capabilities in a single, scalable platform.


Optimize the Customer Experience and Provide a Higher Level of Service

Deliver fully digital customer engagement interactions anytime, on any device, from virtually anywhere. Connect with your customers in the manner they prefer through responsive, dynamic service processes and with content that is unique to them—encompassing document capture and processing, process status, confirmations, approvals, exception resolutions, obtaining trailing documents, and changes requiring attention.

Reduce Operating Costs and Drive Revenue Via Customer Self-Service

Enable better business processes without the need for labor- and cost-intensive modifications to legacy applications. The open platform architecture enables intelligent business processes and integrates easily with existing systems, and you can deploy at your own pace, either on-premise or in the cloud. Reduce error-prone manual document processing and latency while improving customer satisfaction; by embracing a digital self-service model, you can provide your customers with the control and functionality they want, anytime and anywhere, while minimizing costs and increasing your profitability.


Increase Responsiveness and Streamline Decision-Making

Optimize the connection between your systems of engagement and systems of record. Information and documents collected from customers, suppliers, third-party services and internal systems can be processed “straight-through” or presented to knowledge workers in an integrated way to streamline human decision-making. Leverage the power of near real-time content and process data analytics to make faster, more informed decisions, and empower your workers to instantly change an in-flight process without IT assistance for better, faster and more responsive service.

In doing so, you can:

  • Drive Digital Transformation
  • Improve Information Visibility and Accuracy
  • Achieve Operational Excellence and Enhance Worker Productivity
  • Increase Customer Engagement and Build Loyalty
  • Deliver Complete Enterprise Agility
Xenith Intelligence Automation  - Document Capture and Processing

Comprehensive Digital Transformation Platform

Deploy multichannel document capture, business process management, adaptive case management, robotic process automation and advanced data integration, process intelligence and analytics, eSignature, and customer communications management—in a single platform.

Document Capture and Processing

Provide better access to document-based information in digital, process-ready formats by classifying, separating, extracting and validating content from structured, semi structured and/or unstructured documents for faster, more accurate processing at a lower cost.

Robotic Process Automation

Harness the power of robotic process automation to automatically grab and integrate information from websites, portals and other hard-to-reach data sources into your business process when you need it, eliminating the people-intensive, manual integration still in place in many organizations.

Process Intelligence and Analytics

Use end-to-end process visibility, discovery and monitoring to drive compliance and increase customer satisfaction

Xenith Intelligence Automation - Multiple Deployment Options

Multiple Deployment Options, On-Premise or in the Cloud

Deploy as a perpetual license on-premise (single tenant or multi-tenant for BPOs, service bureaus and shared service centers); or subscribe to a multi-tenant or dedicated instance (single tenancy) hosted service (XIA Cloud)

Off-the-Shelf Flexible Integration

Take advantage of a variety of pre-built connector, web services, and synthetic API methods that can accelerate the implementation of the solution and quickly and efficiently create integrations to external parties and in-house systems of record

Simplified Pricing and Licensing

Enjoy a simple pricing and licensing approach that helps the ease and speed of adoption and scales with value received; every XIA customer receives starter volumes of major components of the platform–including process management, capture, mobile, robotic process automation (RPA), e-signature, customer communications management and analytics–enabling users to start anywhere and grow over time.

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