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During a customer business review, we conducted a document process assessment, to understand why they were printing. Why is often a more valuable question than what they were printing.

Most of the printing, nationally produced, was for court bundles. Our PowerPDF solution replaced the traditional paper method and generated a 49% cost saving.

Let’s break it down:

PRESENT | Digital and Automated Process: 

  1. Work directly from file explorer OR case management system to Create PDF file (Thought to self: No more disruptions)
  2. Assemble the documents for court preparation– simply drag and drop (Thought to self: No more paper cuts)
  3. Save digital bundles directly to case management system (Thought to self: Now, wasn’t that easy!)

PAST | Traditional: 

  1. Opened all necessary documents, in the correct order, and hit print – also in the correct order… (Thought to self: we’re going to be here all day!) 
  2. Collect your jobs – trying to keep them in the correct order… (Thought to self: don’t drop one!) 
  3. Scan the documents back in, as a flat image… where no manipulation can be done. Not to mention if we needed to add OCR it would make the document too large for successful scanning. (Thought to self: let’s use editable PDF tools)
  4. Now you have your static digital bundle... (Thought to self: Finally, we are ready for court!)
  5. Throw all the paper in the bin(Thought to self#1: Noooo, so many trees lost their trunks for this) (Thought to self#2: Hope that paper doesn’t get into the wrong hands)


Removed traditional paper method and generated a 49% cost saving

Increased FTE productivity, resulting in higher case turnover for Legal Assistants

Reduced paper consumption

Accelerated their sustainability goal, resulting in a lower carbon footprint

There were soft improvements, like: company culture boosted, as the morale improved for their Legal Assistants, and everyone breathed easier as they closed in on the corporation’s net zero carbon target.

The firm didn’t deviate from the commitment to the board either, optimising the hefty investment in the case management system, keeping disruptions to a minimum.

Shifting to digital, added value throughout the firm. (Thought to self: Isn’t that better?)

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