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Digital Mail Process

Automate the digitalisation & routing of all incoming mail

The mailroom is a core back-office business process that can often be inefficient - it takes a lot of resources to sort and distribute mail.

Our Digital Mail solution automates the capture of all incoming mail, whether it arrives on paper, in an email, via fax, or from sources such as mobile devices. The mail is then digitalised, analysed and sorted and eventually distributed to the correct recipients.

A Digital Mailroom enables secure storage of documents and therefore reduces the likelihood of losing information. At the same time, automating the entire process will reduce the need for manual interventions, cutting down the risk of errors.

Increase efficiency and productivity with Digital Mail

Increase efficiency and productivity

With paper-heavy mail processes, employees can't always access their messages and key information when out of the office. Digital Mail allows employees to work away from the office and have instant access to any mail coming in.
  • Control and Visibility - Control how the mail comes in, how it's sorted and how it's distributed
  • Efficiency and Productivity Gains - Fewer errors, fewer man-hours and more time to work on higher-value tasks
  • Reduced document storage space - With paper mail and documents being digitalised, storage space is reduced
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