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Digital Transformation Platform

Automate the acquisition and integration of information—from websites, portals and other hard-to-reach sources—into a business process and customer journey.


Multi-Channel Capture

Capturing valuable data from any source

Ai Capture

Intelligently classify documents for faster processing

Advanced Data Extraction

The first step towards uncovering the value of enterprise data

Dynamic Workflow

Bringing intelligence to business process management

Customer Experience Management

Talk to your customers on their terms through their preferred channels

Electronic signatures and verification

The quick, electronic way to complete agreements

Robotics Process Automation

Complete the automation picture with RPA

Process Intelligence (PI) for proactive business monitoring

Gain real-time, end-to-end visibility into complex business processes

Enterprise Content Management

Managing content assets centrally, securely.

Multi Capture-red

Multi-Channel Capture

On average a customer interacts with a business 12 times over 5 channels in a customer lifecycle.

Capturing valuable data from any source

Xenith provides a powerful platform to capture information from any source and helps transform raw, unstructured data into actionable information. A centralised capture platform means that you are not processing the same information twice, neither do you miss out on information coming in via any channel.

Data Capture

Application of
Mobile Capture

We have developed mobile capture solutions for businesses to use themselves or extend to their customers mobile. For example, Xenith developed a mobile capture solution to on-board new employees. The mobile capture app allows employees to submit documents via their phones without compromising on data security. The document images are not stored on the device and information is captured and made available to the HR Managers within their HR system.

Mobile Capture


Data Access@4x

Anytime, anywhere data access

If you are a global enterprise or employ mobile staff, capturing data anywhere, anytime will allow leaner more efficient processes. Information is captured and stored centrally so it can be acted upon quicker.


Centralised, secure data storage

Capturing data from any source and centralising enables better data governance and allows you to maintain one version of the truth. It eliminates the issues of duplication of data (for example an invoice coming in through post and email could be keyed in twice into the accounting system) or lost documents.

Decision Making@4x

Faster decision making

It helps your organisation become more agile and responsive by cutting out any delays in processing information.

Book a demo to see the mobile capture app in action
Data extraction-red

Advanced Data Extraction

Unstructured data grows at a rate of 62% every year

Digital Transformation begins with data extraction

We capture data from any source, ingest all the information, structure it and make it available for processing. Data extraction technology helps capture and extract data from unstructured or poorly structured sources such as emails, letters, web forms and system generated electronic data. Most information arrives in businesses in these formats and Xenith helps convert this data into meaningful information, without any manual intervention or data entry.

Data Extraction@4x



Prioritise processing of business-critical information - such as claims, onboarding requests or any other time sensitive data.


Improve efficiency of data driven processes – allows information to flow through easily from one person or system to another.


Respond quickly to information - hence improving relations with clients, suppliers and other third parties.


Maintain tight governance and auditability of data - so you are always prepared for a compliance audit.

Quicker Decision Making

Data extraction/OCR technologies have been around for a while, but today cognitive document automation goes beyond just scanning and capture. Data extraction is an enabler of AI and coupled with Robotic Process Automation it allows quicker decision making. Talk to us about your data capture challenges.

Tell us where unstructured data is slowing down your business

Dynamic Workflow

Dynamic workflows automatically respond with changing processes and empower workers to intervene when required.

Bringing intelligence to business process management

Workflow automation technology allows automation of high value, high volume activities such as data capture, data validation, look-ups and data distribution. This eliminates the need for administrative work and speeds up processing time. As a result, businesses also see a reduction in errors stemming from manual errors and improved data quality.

Dynamic Workflow@4x

Completely Automate exception handling and transform business processes

Dynamic workflows take traditional workflow technologies a level up and help achieve complete automation by decreasing manual dependency to manage exceptions. With Process Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Software built in, dynamic workflows can Identify exceptions, identify the reason behind the exceptions and either resolve the exception or take an alternative path to continue the business process.


Let’s look at an example

A business receives thousands of invoices from 10 different suppliers and 200 of them are being raised as exceptions every day. A dynamic workflow can identify them as coming from one supplier and even identify the cause of the problem which might be a change of invoice template. This could then initiate an alternate workflow to self-learn and re-process these invoices again for straight through processing.

Request a demo of how dynamic workflows complete your automation process

Customer Experience Management

Customer experience platforms help manage seamless inbound and outbound communications throughout your customers lifecycle.

Talk to your customers on their terms through their preferred channels

We live in a world where your customer expects personalised communication and good customer experience irrespective of the channel they use - email, mobile, web or even instore experience. This is relevant to all industries alike - banks, retail, NHS, legal firms and utilities.

Customer Experience@4x

The Solution

Underlying Xenith’s unified communication solution is a central communication server, that enables efficient, reliable and secure exchanges of business-critical messages. You could receive documents in any format via any channel and deliver documents in both paged (e.g. print or PDF) and non-paged formats (e.g. email, HTML, and XML).

Customer Experience Management@4x

Why unified communication is important


For your customers

It helps deliver an exceptional customer experience which is personalised and responsive. Centralised communication removes any latency from your communications improving the time to respond or even be proactive and respond real-time to customer demands. An overall pleasant experience wins loyal customers.


For your finance team

A shared architecture for all information helps reduce the cost of ownership and has a positive impact on the top line by winning more customers.


For your operations

Create and manage tailored, intelligent communications with a single platform that gathers data from various sources, improving your business processes, saving time and increasing operational efficiencies.

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Electronic signatures and verification

Electronic signature is a secure, legal way of signing documents that doesn’t require printing of documents.

The quick, electronic way to complete agreements

No business transaction is complete without a signature. Do your business transactions wait for a pen to be put to paper? There is quicker, faster and most cost-efficient way. Electronic signatures form an essential part of Xenith’s portfolio of business process automation solutions as it helps complete the automation cycle. With e-signatures in conjunction with other capture and automation solutions we can automate any process end-to-end.

Why print paper to sign when you can complete agreements digitally?

Electronic signature is a secure, legal way of signing documents that doesn’t require printing of documents. Wet signatures can disrupt a digital process by delays caused by post or scanning the document back after signatures.


Benefits of Electronic signatures


Quick verification of signatures against previous records and identifying frauds straightaway.


Improves customer experience by stopping the need to print and sign.


Provides an end-to-end digital experience for the customers.


It’s completely legal and secure. E-signatures meet rigorous industry standards and certifications and are legally admissible according to EU law.


Improves process efficiency and speed by cutting out delays caused by paper-based processes.

Risk, compliance and fraud

Electronic signatures are court-admissible and tamper-evident Certificate of Completion and contains a comprehensive audit trail that includes timestamps of who viewed, signed or edited the document. A fraud scoring engine can be combined with a few optional verification engines, resulting in a robust combined risk score for enhanced fraud detection. By considering several weighted factors and leveraging information from external systems, you can make intelligent decisions to more accurately identify and prevent fraudulent checks.

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Ai Capture

Save up to 4.7 days per year per employee & improve the ROI of your document management system.

Intelligently classify documents for faster processing

The importance of document classification has increased because of the digital data explosion that we see today. Document classification is important for the absorption of information into various business streams, hence realising the true value of information hidden in these documents. At Xenith, we are experts in capturing information and we use the latest Ai technology to enhance document classification and information management. Once classified, documents can either be routed to different business workflows or to different teams to action.

AI Document Classification@4x



For the knowledge worker

It means the information is prepped and ready for them to start working on. Whether they want to analyse given information or use it to complete another dependent process, information is available to them in a workable format.


For the business owners

Ai brings unparalleled accuracy in document driven processes and eliminates the cost of manual sorting and data entry.


For a compliance manager

It makes it easier to govern the flow of information through the business. Documents are processed quickly and never stored locally, making document processing secure and compliant.

How it works

Xenith’s Ai Capture uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically and intelligently classify documents for you, name them correctly and save them in the right location.

When you capture a document, our software contains algorithms that help a computer understand the content of the document. By using natural human language contained in documents, the computer correctly links this to your data sources to validate and classify, making that document actionable.

Machine learning algorithms enable computers to 'learn' and apply knowledge to new situations so only limited intervention is required. Cognitive automation includes algorithms that learn, estimate, plan and decide, just like humans would.

Customer Experience Management@4x

Secure document classification

All businesses use some form of document classification – manual or automated. We can help you make the process more intelligent, quick and efficient.

Our intelligent document classification solution has been built from the ground-up with security as a primary consideration. Documents are only passed to the service while they are actively being processed, usually only for a few seconds, and are then immediately deleted.

To further increase security, we strictly limit the number of your documents that can be within the service at any time (to ten by default). During processing, document files are stored in secure Azure storage and encrypted at disk level using 256-bit AES encryption, one of the strongest block ciphers available.

Secure Document Classification@4x
Send us a set of sample documents and we will show you how we classify it without knowing what is the content of the documents.
Robotic Process-red

Robotics Process Automation

Robotics Process Automation (RPA) can be used to automate repetitive, rule based business processes.

Complete the automation picture with RPA

Xenith believes that Robotics Process Automation is pivotal in joining the dots between disjointed business processes. It eliminates tedious tasks, freeing corporate workers to focus on higher value work. RPA helps businesses achieve complete automation by automating tasks such as – migrating information from one system to another, validating information across various back-end systems, keying in information from excel sheets into business systems.

What are the use cases?


Automating any manual processes

The software robot can copy the exact steps a human would take to complete a task for example, take someone’s NI number and check for financial records in various backend systems to complete a verification process.


Makes data migration from green screen systems easy

RPA can be programmed to migrate information from green screen legacy systems such as AS400 which would otherwise be a very expensive exercise.


Conduct fully automated or human assisted checks

it makes it easier to govern the flow of information through the business. Documents are processed quickly and never stored locally, making document processing secure and compliant.



For the IT manager

It doesn’t disrupt existing systems and technologies being used and is quick to implement.


For the Business User

Most RPA solutions are business user friendly and empowers the users to map out their processes and see the automation in action. It assists you and takes away the manual tasks and free up time for more high value tasks. You could choose a human assisted robot (in some cases it may be a governance requirement to oversee the robot), in which case the robot works with you.


For Financial Manager

RPA is quick to implement and usually the return on investment is seen in 6 months. You will see efficiency in the workforce almost immediately after implementation, have better/faster client on-boarding and a happier workforce.

Are you confused about which RPA product is best for you? Learn more about our unified information automation which uses the power of RPA and AI classification of information together.

Process Intelligence (PI) for proactive business monitoring

The real value of data lies in using it to analyse your business processes, identifying bottlenecks and being pro-active in resolving issues before they have a major business impact.

Gain real-time, end-to-end visibility into complex business processes

Most businesses use an analytics product which present data in pretty graphs and charts, but Xenith ensures the data underneath the graph is structured. We help bring information from different systems together (databases, websites, external/third party portals) so you can harness the power of consolidated data and take real-time decisions. Unlike other data analytics tools we enable complete process awareness with rich visualisations. You can monitor the progress of any business process even if it stretches across various internal or external platforms

Real-time business monitoring


To monitor processes in the supply chain and be able to communicate the status of orders to customers.


To monitor financial processes such as invoice processing and be able to predict cashflow.


View a complaint handling process end-to-end and raise alerts of any bottlenecks to avoid in delays in response.



Proactive decision making for business owners

Make fast decisions based on data available around different tasks in a business process. Monitor how all business processes are running and their impact on your bottom line.


Monitor efficiency, prioritise actions and balance workloads.

You can compare two different versions of a business process (tasks being done by different teams or in different work queues) and manage workloads accordingly.


Managing projects efficiently

You can also spot and be proactive in fixing in-efficiencies. This tool is very powerful for line managers to understand the operational efficiency of their business systems and make quick decisions.

The Software

Our process intelligence software offers a quick, single snapshot of your business processes so you can identify trends or spot where corrections might be needed. In combination with RPA and Ai, process analytics can be very powerful in spotting exceptions, analysing and self-correcting them, so your processes stay on track, without wasting valuable human resource time.

Process Intelligence@4x
Using a data analytics tool already? Show us what you see, and we will demonstrate how we can get deeper or meaningful information about your processes with Process Intelligence (PI). Book a demo here

Enterprise Content Management

Xenith provides a centralised content management platform for paper and digital content.

Managing content assets centrally, securely.

Enterprise content management is the blood line of any business today. The efficiency of your knowledge workers and dependent processes is directly related to how easily and quickly they can access content, irrespective of where they are and how they are accessing it.

The platform is robust and built for enterprise content sharing, unlike some of the cloud solutions that employees would resort to avoid using shared drives.




The platform uses encryption protocols and can be hosted on-premise or on a private cloud to give you complete peace of mind as your content is secure.



Advanced tagging helps make content easily retrievable. The powerful search features make it quick to retrieve information.


Encourage collaboration

User friendly tools that help route document content and encourages safe sharing of documents between co-workers and teams.


Accessibility – anytime, anywhere

Content is stored in a central repository but is accessible from any mobile device and via any browser. There is no need to save documents locally anymore.

version control@4x

Version control

Everyone works on 'one version of the truth' since the content is stored centrally and there is tight version control.


Complete integration

Link from your mainline business applications with the open architecture-based application connectors.

Tell us about your content challenges so we can suggest the best way to resolve them