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Gain a competitive advantage by making it quick & easy to do business with your organisation

Reduce the risk of fraud with Full Identity Verification while improving compliance with audit trails

Time-savings & improved UX for employees, eliminating non-applicable transactions & automating processes

Increase revenue from increased throughput with end-to-end automation including capture, classification, processing & content management

Increased customer engagement making the onboarding experience easy, seamless and location-free

Dynamic Workflow

Using the latest AI technologies, our Intelligent Onboarding Experience services deliver an automated and secure platform as a service that can be used for multiple engagement strategies.

It includes built-in identity verification and fraud detection to reduce risks, data/reputation loss, money laundering while auditable to meet the strictest regulation and compliance needs of our clients. 

Our services have been developed with a simple idea in mind: To make the CX of onboarding and applying frictionless, and only process relevant applicants. Not only frictionless for the client but also the organisation.

HubSpot Video

Hear an extract from our CTOs talk at Enterprise Digital Workplace 2020 Virtual Conference, in which he describes how we transformed visa application processes.

Secure Software-as-a-Service

We provide our Intelligent Onboarding Platform as a SaaS model hosted in a secure environment that meets all significant regulations and accreditations even for our most security concise clients. This ensures that your data is fully protected, and flexibility is built into our design so that peak and reduction volumes can be handled with ease.

Our expertise and knowledge of handling nearly 2 million transactions and processing 350 million documents every year ensures your clients and employees will get the best possible experience. We are consistently handling all types of documents, information, including highly sensitive data and cherished document types, making us experienced at handling the most complex or sensitive onboarding or application processes with our fully automated system.

What is included in Xenith’s Intelligent Onboarding Experience?

Customer Experience@4x-1

Reach, identify and trust every customer. Verify in an instant and transact with confidence

Xenith’s Intelligent Onboarding Experience services for Onboarding and Application put the necessary checks at the start of the process to ensure no time is wasted on applications that do not have the correct details or are potentially fraudulent.

Our services allow direct verification of the person at first application via mobile and web interfaces, making the start of the journey straightforward for every customer.

But we are about more than just first pure identity checks. We have a full set of capabilities available that will give you the best chance of making sure what is submitted by the applicant, is valid and worthwhile continuing the process. 

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Document Recognition

Document recognition

We can automatically tell you what type of ID document your customer has presented. 

Smart capture

Your customers will not have to worry about lining up their ID documents perfectly or trying to take a picture in focus or without glare. We will capture the best quality image first time.

Data extraction

We recognise and extract the relevant data points from your customer’s ID document.

Face Match

Face Match provides instant validation of facial features between a printed document face, for example, a passport photo, and a live image captured on a smartphone, tablet, or webcam.


Our liveness feature helps prevent fraudsters who are impersonating an individual from being on-boarded.

Multichannel Capture

Reading biometric chip information

Using Near Field Communication (NFC) on supported devices, such as phones and tablets; we can read details and images from biometric chips.

Investigation Studio

Our Investigation Studio enables you to access your scanned documents quickly and easily in a secure, single platform and is available as a web-based solution or integrated API.

Your users will be able to review:

  • Personal details of a customer
  • ID document images, and the segments used for OCR
  • Authentication results, including reference images of genuine samples for the same document type

Tolerance levels

We provide a configuration that allows different levels of authentication to be set for different individual or groups of documents.

Online forensic document examiners

Our UK-based forensic document examiners can review images of documents in real-time. Trained to CIFAS and National Document Fraud Unit (NDFU) levels, they aim to provide an opinion within 120 seconds.

Intelligent Automation Platform

Supporting our Intelligent Onboarding Experience services is our Intelligent Automation Platform. 

Brought to you in partnership with market-leaders Kofax, our platform leverages machine learning to transform structured and unstructured data into actionable insights, and embedded AI smartly recognises people, content and context. 

Natural language processing (NLP), sentiment analysis and entity extraction all work seamlessly together with Robotic Process Automation, Unified Communications and Analytics to improve business processes.

All of this is underpinned by Xenith’s experience, spanning over forty years, at understanding document workflows and information-heavy processes within organisations worldwide, as well as our ability to combine the Intelligent Automation Platform with Content Management for a truly end-to-end capability.

There are 6 different parts to our Intelligent Automation Platform. You can select the ones that are the best fit for your organisation - safe in the knowledge that you can scale to integrate other highly compatible elements of our platform at any point.

Alternatively, get in touch for a free bespoke workshop to help imagine the use of intelligent automation in your company.

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