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Working in partnership with Xerox, we will receive your re-directed mail and scan it to a secure cloud-based repository, where your staff can easily allocate it to the appropriate employee or department.

Enhances Productivity & Response Time

Rigorous Security Standards with ISO9001, 27001 & BPSS Clearance. Operational amidst disasters.

Up and running in 10 days from the time of signup

Fully customisable & a step towards full automation

Easily useable by anyone due to an intuitive user interface

Flexible contract periods, with 6-month minimum. Pay as you use.


Digitise all your incoming mail:

Many organisations, particularly professional services in the legal, financial, accountancy & insurance industries depend on communicating with their customers and use physical mail in order to do so. This is often the case when customers have to send in bills, invoices, supporting documents, correspondence, paper forms or when they have to sign a contract.

Post or mail distribution is a difficult time-consuming task in normal circumstances. But with so many organisations working remotely it has become even harder. Xenith has worked with Xerox to supply a fully outsourced service that can be set up quickly to help companies with business continuity.

Secure Document Classification@4x

How it works - in three easy steps:

  1. Working with the post-office, we re-direct all your post to our secure location.
  2. We securely scan your post and upload it to a secure cloud repository.
  3. Your staff can then route it to the correct person or department, simply by clicking on a drop-down menu.

Highly Secure:

Xerox's operational facility has been designed to comply with rigorous security standards including ISO9001 and ISO27001 in order to secure the sensitive and confidential information of our clients. Xerox Digitisation Services staff are security cleared to BPSS level.

We're operational during disasters:

We have strong disaster recovery plans in place - along with a 24-hour command centre, a Covid19 operational response team & enhanced alternative sources for supply chain and human resources. All our mailroom employees have been designated key workers by the central government and have PPE measures in place.

Process Intelligence@4x

Enhances Productivity:

Xerox Digital Mailroom enables your employees to have access to the information they need quickly. It enhances productivity, lowers costs, improves access to critical information and allows you to be more responsive to your customers and stakeholders.

Up and Running in 10 Days:

We know how important business continuity is, especially at a time like this. We can have you up and running within 10 days from the moment you sign up.

Data Extraction@4x

Fully Customisable & Future-proof:

We offer a basic service that’s quick and easy to implement in an emergency situation when your office is not accessible. However, we can also build on this in the future to completely digitalise and automate the way information is processed and used in your organisation - but it all starts with the digitisation of incoming mail.

Cherished and Valuable items:

Many arms of the UK government and multinationals trust us with the most valuable and cherished items they may receive in the post. This includes original personal identity documents, cheques, financial instruments and more. We can securely store and transfer these physical items to you at a later date after scanning them into the system.


Easily Used by Anyone:

Any member of your staff - including mailroom staff - can be tasked with digitally receiving your post and routing it to the correct department or staff member - all from the comfort of their home. The system can be accessed from anywhere and is intuitive to use.

Flexible Contract Periods & Pay-as-you-use:

To help you with business continuity during this difficult time, we are offering a special 12-month contract. This does have a 6-month break option for flexibility. We have a benchmarked rate card to offer you the most cost-efficient solution and you can pay as you use the service.

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