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Phase 2: Creating a Managed Print Strategy

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With an optimised print environment now in place, we can move forward to address longer term concerns, aligning with corporate strategies and objectives to deliver a secure, compliant document infrastructure. We help organisations to manage their migration from paper-based processes to digital work environments, transforming productivity by making documents accessible to today’s ‘always on’ mobile workforce.

We do this without disrupting existing workflows, using detailed analytics of user behaviour to smooth the transition from paper to digital resources. And we help employees to understand how digitisation can work for them in making it easier to access and share information from any location.

Xenith makes use of technologies and services in the following areas:

Managed Print Strategy- Mobility Solutions

Mobility solutions

To securely print and access documents in any format from any location. The modern business is always-on, available globally. To support this, businesses have had to make dramatic changes in the way they support the workforce. Innovations like remote access, home working, BYOD, cloud services can enhance productivity and profitability around the clock 

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Xenith offers specialist expertise in the security considerations that apply specifically to print and document infrastructure. We build Cisco TrustSec and McAfee whitelisting protection built into our devices as well as addressing security issues more broadly.


Security solutions

To strike the right balance between confidentiality and connectivity. Today’s multifunctional printers are internet-enabled with email and fax capabilities, so security from internal and external threats becomes a real concern.

A good MPS provider will offer specialist expertise in the security considerations that apply specifically to print and document infrastructure. Aside from Cisco TrustSec and McAfee whitelisting protection built into our devices, we also deliver:


Data encryption 


Network authentication and authorisation


Image over-write


Anti-malware protection


Threat awareness and analysis 


Compliance with relevant regulations


Protection for sensitive data.

MPS cloud-based services should include enterprise-grade security provisions to keep your data safe and secure. Ongoing responsibility is devolved down to MPS specialist engineers. All that remains is to check that the services in use (or under consideration) adhere to the relevant compliance policies. Find out more about how Xenith helps with security and compliance.



Print_Governance_Large.png Print governance

Analysis and assessment of your infrastructure do not stop in the strategic phase, but should continue throughout the life of the contract. This is essential not only to lower costs and increase productivity, but also to ensure that you are being compliant, secure and environmentally friendly.

We will help you to draw insights from your document infrastructure using big data collected from your fleet. This will take the guesswork out of modifying your print policy or optimising your solution design. It will also help you communicate the benefits of your Managed Print Service to the board and to employees.

Depending on your needs, Xenith can offer:

  • Periodic Management Information Reports to keep you informed and in control of your document infrastructure. These will include statistics on service levels, benefit realisation, reduced environmental impact and user trends.
  • Business Intelligence Tools: These will provide you with a live graphical dashboard of your infrastructure so you can keep an eye on costs, environemntal impact and security whenever you wish to.


Print_Awareness_Tools_Large.png Print awareness tools

Encourage your workforce to think before they print.

Xenith will further reduce your printing volume and environmental impact with innovative hardware and software, and can also help educate your staff as to why a reduction in printing is both commercially and environmentally beneficial. Most cost savings come from behavioural change, getting users to think about whether they really need to print off a document or whether it is possible to use a digital alternative. For many employees, some degree of intervention is necessary to underline the consequences of excessive paper usage for the business and the environment. However, a good MPS provider can encourage this change in attitude by positive means through ‘gamification’ (competing with colleagues to print less) and ‘driver defaults’ (dual-sided printing by default). 

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“Xenith have created a robust and reliable solution that virtually manages itself, allowing us to deliver environmental and cost benefits without compromising on quality.”

Lyn Alway, Facilities Team Manager, CACHE

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