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Robotics Process Automation

Complete the automation picture with RPA

Robotic Process Automation is pivotal in joining the dots between disjointed business processes.

It eliminates tedious tasks, freeing corporate workers to focus on higher value work. RPA helps businesses achieve complete automation by automating tasks such as – migrating information from one system to another, validating information across various back-end systems, keying in information from excel sheets into business systems.

Automate with RPA

Automating any manual processes

The software robot can copy the exact steps a human would take to complete a task, for example, take someone’s NI number and check for financial records in various backend systems to complete a verification process.

Easy data migration from green screen systems

RPA can be programmed to migrate information from green screen legacy systems such as AS400 which would otherwise be a very expensive exercise.

Conduct fully automated or human-assisted checks

It makes it easier to govern the flow of information through the business. Documents are processed quickly and never stored locally, making document processing secure and compliant.

Robotics Process Automation Users

For the IT manager

It doesn’t disrupt existing systems and technologies being used and is quick to implement.

For the Business User

Most RPA solutions are business user friendly and empower the users to map out their processes and see the automation in action. It assists you by taking away manual tasks and frees up time for more high value tasks. You could choose a human assisted robot (in some cases it may be a governance requirement to oversee the robot), in which case the robot works with you.

For Financial Manager

RPA is quick to implement and usually the return on investment is seen in 6 months. You will see efficiency in the workforce almost immediately after implementation, have better/faster client on-boarding and a happier workforce.

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