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Equitrac Managed Print Software

Equitrac Managed Print Software

Equitrac creates a unified, managed view of print, copy and scan activity across all the devices on your network.

Users will benefit from lower costs, increased document security and environmental sustainability.

Companies in any industry can deploy a single, smart and cost-effective print management software solution that makes an immediate impact on their printing costs.

With Equitrac managed print software, users can keep track of document-related activities on the network, set print rules, authenticate users, protect sensitive documents and reduce wasted paper and toner.


Equitrac Office 

Equitrac Office provides a complete software package for print management. Next to secure printing, Equitrac Office allows users to set rules for printing, such as duplex and forced monochrome. They also provide detailed reports, outlining costs per department or even by user.

Equitrac Express

Equitrac Express is designed for schools, universities and libraries to manage campus-wide print, copy and scan costs, encouraging responsible printing and making printing more convenient without compromising security. 

Equitrac Express is the most comprehensive product, and offers all the features included in Xerox Secure Access and Equitrac Office.





Equitrac Office and Equitrac Express allows you to:

  • Keep track of output from all connected printers and copiers with one simple solution

  • Enforce rules for colour output or duplex printing

  • Redirect print jobs from desktop printers to multifunction printers with lower cost per page

  • Authorise users and establish permission-based access to systems and features

  • Track costs by file size, paper size, media type, color or duplexing

  • Protect the environment, with paper, toner and energy savings

  • Create useful and detailed reports

  • Equitrac is deployed centrally and integrates seamlessly with current IT infrastructure


Security and Convenience

  • Follow You Printing holds documents in a secure server until users authenticate - documents are never left unattended in an output tray

  • Users can select print jobs manually from the secure queue, allowing them to delete duplicates and jobs submitted by mistake

  • Equitrac solutions automatically delete any jobs that are abandoned in the print queue, before they are printed

  • User authentication creates an audit trail, providing visibility on who printed what document at what time and on which device