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Scanning & Document Routing Solutions

Scanning and Document Routing Solutions

Helping our customers to implement effective scanning and document routing solutions to improve efficiency.

Working with paper can be labour-intensive and prone to error. As only one person can access a piece of paper at a time, multiple copies are often made in order to collaborate, annotate or amend - as illustrated in the diagram below:

paper based workflow

Digital workflows have replaced paper processes in many firms. However, even these can prove cumbersome if not optimised - information may not be easy to find at a later date. Also files scanned as images are not editable or searchable with keywords. This automates and simplifies wokflow, as illustrated below:

digital workflow

For example, paper based processes in the office could look like this:


Here at Xenith, we strive to understand our client’s processes in order to design and implement the ideal solution, resulting in quicker and more accurate workflows.

We offer a range of ways to help our customers turn hard copy documents into electronic files and then store them in the right location with meaningful information so that they are easy to find when needed.

Our five key scanning and document routing solutions are:


NUANCE AutoStore

Integrate both paper-based and digital files into a range of document management, groupware and workflow solutions.
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Scan from a single tool available on desktop and batch scanning user interfaces, with EzeScan. The product is easy to use and has all the standard image enhancement features you’re likely to need.


The smart desktop PDF companion to MFP scanning, with easy but powerful capabilities to create, edit, convert and collaborate on PDFs.

ECOPY ShareScan

Convert textual images into actionable data and capture them in information systems easily and securely.
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