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Digitally transform operations:

Adopt digital to be more productive, more reliably compliant to regulation and policy, more responsive to customers, and more competitive.

Improve customer experience:

Exceed customer expectations by ensuring every interaction is easy, impactful and satisfying. Accelerate end-to-end customer journeys to a positive outcome.

Create the future of work:

Increase the productive capacity of the organisation while improving the work-life of employees.

Manage the digital workforce:

Govern the growing population of software robots as a digital workforce.

Exploit AI for automation:

Adopt machine learning, natural language processing and other AI technologies to learn faster, make better decisions.

Reduce the cost of doing business and the scope for error in any process.

Despite it's rising popularity, many companies are failing to realise the return on investment and the hyper-automation they have been promised.

In fact, research shows that more than 50% of RPA projects fail to grow beyond 10 bots and more than 70% of RPA projects plateau at fewer than 50 bots.

Ironically, there is an increased need for automation today - to compliment and assist a reduced workforce during difficult economic conditions, and also to adapt to new ways of doing business in the new normal.

Many have failed not because they are automating fragmented processes, but because the resources and software used is siloed. Integrating these systems can be time consuming and expensive.

The Platform combines best in class solutions - without the friction and cost of juggling multiple, disparate point solutions, in order to enable digital transformation of end-to-end business operations at scale.

Intelligent Automation

Cognitive Capture

Robotic Process Automation

Process Orchestration

Advanced Analytics

Unified Communications

Content Management

Brought to you in partnership with market-leaders Kofax, our platform leverages machine learning to transform structured and unstructured data into actionable insights, and embedded AI smartly recognises people, content and context. 

Natural language processing (NLP), sentiment analysis and entity extraction all work seamlessly together with Robotic Process Automation, Unified Communications and Analytics to improve business processes.

All of this is underpinned by Xenith’s experience, spanning over forty years, at understanding document workflows and information-heavy processes within organisations worldwide, as well as our ability to combine the Intelligent Automation Platform with Content Management for a truly end-to-end capability.

Get in touch for a free bespoke workshop to help imagine the use of intelligent automation in your company.

Multichannel Capture@4x

Want to fix a departmental issue? Have a look at our solutions for:

Accounts Payable

Human Resources

Contract Management


Intelligent Onboarding Experience Services

Xenith for automation


Example Results: Cutting Claims Processing Times by 80% and Freeing Up Staff for Value-Add Tasks

In order to streamline and improve report processing, a large European Insurance Company implemented an intelligent automation solution to automatically scan documents and extract relevant information. Once extracted, the information is immediately available for customer-facing employees. 

By optimising the process, a task that previously took an employee 50 minutes to complete was automated and reduced the time by 80%, allowing more time to focus on more strategic tasks. 

The impressive efficiency gains from this process allowed the company to redeploy employees to other areas of the business that required more strategic and creative thinking!

Intelligent Automation Platform

Cognitive Capture

Ingest & understand any document and its information via any ingestion channel and in any format with capture and cognitive document automation

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Robotic Process Automation

Automate repetitive tasks with a digital workforce of unattended software robots

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Process Orchestration

Drive successful outcomes by orchestrating multiple actions, people, software robots, policies & systems

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Advanced Analytics

Provide actionable analytics for any business process with increased visibility and deeper insights

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Communicate and transact in efficient, effective, and trusted ways with e-signature, facial recognition and on-demand communications

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Content Management

Access, search, edit and approve documents, securely share & collaborate on files as well as assigning tasks, managing workload and creating workflows without any IT intervention.

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Examples of the Intelligent Automation Platform in Action

Stolt Tank Containers

Shane Robertson of Stolt Tank Containers talks about how our Intelligent Automation platform helps them to process a large amount of unstructured data.


Staff at ABN AMRO Bank NV talk about how our Intelligent Automation platform helps them to gather data so they can focus on the customer.

Yorkshire Building Society

Yorkshire Building Society uses our Intelligent Automation platform to help say compliant with regulation and conduct the complex underwriting process.

Every organisation is in a different stage of digital maturity


This is why our Intelligent Automation Platform is designed to enable customers to “adopt and extend” intelligent automation capabilities (technically and commercially) that meet their organisational priorities.

Not only is every segment of our platform deeply integrated, but we also have connectors for many of the leading automation brands in the market today - enabling a quicker and more economical turn around for your automation projects.

You can explore the sections of our platform that are the best fit for your organisation - safe in the knowledge that you can scale to integrate other highly compatible elements of our platform at any point.

Alternatively, get in touch for a free bespoke workshop to help imagine the use of intelligent automation in your company.

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