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Ensuring a secure digital workspace with PC/DaaS

The rise of remote working has introduced new challenges for IT teams, highlighting the need for a secure digital workspace more than ever. Studies have shown that cyber attacks impacted 53% of organisations in the last 12 months, and 59% of employers say they were more vulnerable due to employees remote working. With this in mind, employers need to consider how devices are monitored and protected across the business.

Device-as-a-Service (DaaS), or PC-as-a-Service, solutions support companies in creating modern digital workspaces that protect data and assets. Let’s delve into the importance of PC/DaaS in the age of remote working and how it can support your teams in overcoming security challenges…

What are the security challenges associated with remote working?

  • Remote working means workers can access company data anywhere in the world from potentially insecure home networks.
  • Managing and maintaining the hardware needs of a dispersed workforce is a logistical challenge for any IT team. Remote devices won’t be protected by VPNs or firewalls as they would be in an office environment.
  • Potential cyber threats could arise if remote devices aren’t up-to-date with the latest technology.
  • Remote workers can inadvertently install vulnerable applications on their devices, and IT teams will have limited visibility to manage this.


How does PC/DaaS help ensure a secure digital workspace?

Protecting your data and managing security threats 

The rise of remote working environments has meant that security threats are a growing concern. Xenith PC/DaaS solutions reduce the risk of data breaches through HP Wolf Security which proactively prevents attacks from harming your devices and networks. 

What about where ‘bring your own device’ policies are concerned? For remote workers using their own devices, a DaaS solution means each browser session can be isolated so any potential browser-based security attacks are limited to the end user. 

Patching devices in real-time

With PC/DaaS, IT teams can monitor devices for potential issues and roll out patches in real-time. Wherever workers are, security concerns can be addressed swiftly and smoothly. 

Reducing time spent on device management 

Keeping all devices and systems up-to-date is a huge undertaking for IT departments. PC/DaaS puts automated updates in place to protect your network, freeing up IT capacity to work on other business-critical tasks.

Ensuring controlled user access

A secure digital workspace will ensure your data and systems stay protected. PC/DaaS solutions give you control over who can access your programs and when so you can be certain that your programs are safe at all times. 

Secure your digital workspace with Xenith

With a robust PC/DaaS solution, you can create a secure digital workspace that protects your hybrid and remote workforce. At Xenith, we load each device-as-a-service with enterprise-level software as standard, for security software plus proactive management. We even offer 24-hour monitoring if you require it. Get in touch with our technical team to discuss how we can help.

Are you considering PC/DaaS and want to understand more about the benefits to your business? Download our free digital guide to find out how much time and cost you can save your IT team by implementing PC/DaaS.

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