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How To Clean Your Printing Devices

How To Clean Your Printing Devices

Written by Laura Olley, Head of Service (Based on guidance from Xerox)

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more employees will start to return to offices and as they do, organisations are going to have to take more precautions in keeping office equipment clean and virus-free.

This is especially important for any shared equipment and appliances, for example, kitchen appliances, door handles and of course, printers. 

how to clean your printing devices

Beyond putting in place touchless printing options, companies can use the following advice to properly clean the different parts (panels, buttons, user interfaces, display screens, touch screens, doors/access handles) of their Xerox printing devices, including: Multifunction Devices, Printers and Presses.


Before using any cleaning products on your Xerox device, please ensure that:

  1. The device is switched off, the AC power has been disconnected and the power supply has been unplugged from the outlet. Don’t clean a device while it is switched on and/or is plugged in!

  2. The person cleaning the device should wear disposable latex or nitrile gloves

Cleaning the device:

As the cleaning process involves using liquid cleaning products, it’s important to note:

Do not spray any liquids directly onto the product and do not use fibrous materials to clean with (e.g. paper towels) as these can scratch and damage the device. 

With these things in mind, here are the four steps for cleaning your Xerox device:

1) Moisten a clean, soft, lint free, cotton cloth with the cleaning mixture

The mixture used should be 70% isopropyl alcohol and 30% water (also known as rubbing alcohol) and the cloth should be moist, but shouldn’t have any free liquid on the surface that can drip. 

A disposable wipe can be used for cleaning as long as it meets the criteria set above. 

If a higher percentage of isopropyl alcohol is being used in the mixture, please test the solution on a small, non-visible area of the device to ensure there is no discoloration, cracks or blurs. 

2) Gently wipe the surfaces with the moistened cloth

Once your cloth is prepared and you tested the solution (if necessary), wipe down the surfaces of the device. 

Try to avoid any moisture from entering the device through gaps in the product or around the control panel and buttons. Moisture or disinfectant entering the device can result in permanent damage. 

3) Clean the display screen/control panel

When cleaning the display or control panel, try to carefully wipe in one direction and move from the top of the display to the bottom. 

Be gentle when wiping the control panel as it can be easily scratched or cracked if too much force is applied. 

4) Air-dry the device surfaces

Once the device has been cleaned and wiped down, please allow all surfaces to air-dry (approximately 4 minutes wait time) before plugging the device back in. 

Do not power the device if moisture is still visible or obviously present, always wait until it has dried. 

Once cleaning has been completed, the gloves can be discarded as per safe disposal guides and you should immediately clean your hands after removing the gloves. 

As well as keeping devices clean, another way to make office printing safer during these difficult times is to consider touchless printing. Click here to learn about 3 Ways To Enable Touchless Printing in the Workplace