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PC/DaaS: The key to business agility and cost-effective IT

In a world where global trends and business needs change quickly, remaining agile is key. Businesses and their IT teams need to be ready to scale their operations fast in response to changing market dynamics and goals.

This is where PC-as-a-Service (PCaaS) or Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) comes into play. It provides businesses with a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective solution for their hardware needs. The traditional CapEx model of investing heavily in hardware upfront and depreciating it over several years, means technology can quickly become outdated and difficult to manage. Instead, with PC/DaaS, businesses pay a predictable monthly fee, making it easier to manage IT budgets and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Remain agile and responsive

One of the significant advantages of PC/DaaS is its inherent scalability. With PC/DaaS, businesses can easily adjust their hardware needs to align with their current requirements. When a business is expanding or simply adjusting to seasonal fluctuations, PC/DaaS provides the flexibility to scale up or down, causing minimal headaches to IT teams. 

The scalability of PC/DaaS can enable greater agility and responsiveness. Businesses can quickly deploy new devices or scale back their hardware usage as their needs change, at a lesser upfront cost. 

Prepare for future growth

PC/DaaS can also help businesses prepare for future growth. By outsourcing device management to a PC/DaaS provider like Xenith, businesses can free up their IT teams to focus on strategic initiatives instead. Your business can also access the latest hardware so your inventory stays up-to-date and future-ready.

Minimise upfront hardware costs

Perhaps one of the most appealing benefits of PC/DaaS is its ability to minimise upfront hardware costs. Traditional hardware procurement requires significant capital expenditure. With PC/DaaS, businesses can convert these capital expenditures into predictable operating expenses, which can make it easier to manage IT budgets. As some organisations depreciate their devices over 3, 5, or even 7 years, the technology they use is outdated and more likely to require repairs. Updating the software on these old devices is a lengthy and complex process. 

Scale without sacrificing security

A business scaling its operations will need to onboard new employees fast. For IT managers, this can present the challenge of maintaining the correct security infrastructure as teams grow. Whether it’s 5 new users or 50, a PC/DaaS solution helps you to onboard employees quickly and keep systems secure with device monitoring and automated updates. With visibility into device performance, IT can manage the performance and safety of devices and prioritise unexpected failures. 

Get ready to grow with PC/DaaS

PC/DaaS helps to unburden IT when it comes to company growth and lets businesses scale their workforce without a huge upfront investment. Get in touch with Xenith and let’s discuss how PC/DaaS can help you.

Are you considering PC/DaaS and want to understand more about the benefits to your business? Download our free digital guide to find out how much time and cost you can save your IT team by implementing PC/DaaS.

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