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PC/Device-as-a-Service FAQs: security, costing, and more

PC/Device-as-a-Service FAQs: security, costing, and more

PC/Device-as-a-Service (PC/DaaS) offers a host of benefits for businesses, supporting security, growth, and budget allocation. You may have questions about switching from CapEx to OpEx so we’ve put together answers to some commonly asked questions. 

What is the PC/Device as a Service model? 

PC/DaaS is a paid subscription model where businesses can lease hardware and get IT support for a monthly fee. It means companies can minimise the upfront capital expenditure of investing in devices and instead, maximise budget allocation. 

What are the benefits of PC/Device as a Service?

PC/Device-as-a-Service (PC/DaaS) simplifies device management. Xenith can handle all aspects of the device lifecycle, from procurement and deployment to maintenance and disposal. It reduces the burden on in-house IT teams and provides enhanced security features to protect your systems. PC/DaaS also:

  • Provides predictable monthly operating expenses, which can improve cash flow and make budgeting easier versus a large upfront capital investment.
  • Provides businesses with access to the latest technology, as devices are regularly updated and replaced.
  • Allows businesses to scale and quickly adjust their device count based on changing needs.
  • Gives you access to proactive management and support services, ensuring any device issues are promptly addressed. 

What is the PC/Device as a Service cost?

At Xenith, we offer bespoke PC/DaaS pricing so we can tailor the solution to you. You’ll pay a reasonable, monthly operating cost for your devices and support services. Request a callback from our team to discuss your requirements. 

What support can I receive with PC/DaaS?

When you choose Xenith as your PC/DaaS supplier, we can take care of the day-to-day device management and free up your IT capacity. You can access packaged maintenance options depending on the level of support you need. All our customers can access our helpdesk or get in touch with our Account Team at any time.

What is PC/DaaS proactive management?

Proactive issue identification supports IT teams and end users by catching potential issues early to minimise work disruption. With insightful analytics, we can monitor the health of a device. For example, you can find out if a device’s battery is poor and replace it before it dies.

How can PC/DaaS reduce the risk of security breaches? 

PC/DaaS offers enhanced security features to protect your data and systems, such as hardware-level isolation software to avoid the risk of a successful cyberattack. At Xenith, we provide security software as standard and can offer 24-hour monitoring if required. 

What hardware suppliers can I access?

Xenith PC/DaaS works across a wide range of vendors, including HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, Apple, Toshiba, and Microsoft. Whatever your company hardware requirements, we procure devices that align. 

How do I get started with PC/DaaS?

The first step to getting started with PC/DaaS is considering your requirements and device needs. Request a callback from the team at Xenith and we can run the numbers, offering a flexible solution to suit you. 

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