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Streamline your employee onboarding process with PC/DaaS

Employee onboarding and offboarding can be a complex, time-consuming task for IT teams. From setting up hardware and configuring software to managing licenses, seamless setups require careful preparation. Mergers, acquisitions, hiring contractors, or remote workers, make things even more complex. 

Making sure new employees can be productive and add value from the get-go is made easier by PC/DaaS (PC/Device as a service). It can streamline your onboarding and offboarding processes, freeing up IT capacity and boosting security. In fact, according to Gartner, PC as a service will grow to 50% of PC procurement by 2027, representing an increase from about 20% in 2023.

How does PC/DaaS streamline the employee onboarding process?

Quick device provisioning and software integration 

One of the first steps in the onboarding process is provisioning new hires with the necessary hardware. Xenith DaaS solution streamlines this process, as our technical team will procure, configure, and deploy the devices for you. We also make sure that all devices are pre-loaded with the necessary software and applications, tailored to the specific needs of the role. This allows new hires to hit the ground running from day one and reduce support queries directed to IT. 

Simplified IT support

Resolving employee HelpDesk issues is a huge undertaking for IT managers, particularly when dealing with remote workers. Choosing a PC/DaaS solution that comes with IT support from your provider can free up capacity within your team. If you need it, Xenith offers 24-hour global support meaning your new hires can get direct assistance at any time, regardless of time zone. 

Secure, swift offboarding with PC/DaaS

When employees leave the business, secure offboarding is crucial to protect your data and systems. DaaS can support you with… 

Secure data wiping

When an employee leaves the company, it's crucial to ensure that all company data is securely wiped from their devices. At Xenith, we follow stringent data handling procedures, ensuring that sensitive data is securely erased, mitigating potential security risks.

Easy device return

With PC/DaaS, offboarding becomes as simple as returning the device to us. There’s no need to store and manage unused devices at the expense of the business. 


Ready to revolutionise your onboarding and offboarding processes?

PC/DaaS helps businesses to unlock IT capacity, enabling IT managers to focus on more strategic initiatives. By outsourcing device management to Xenith, you can start reaping the rewards throughout your everyday operations. Get in touch with our team and let’s discuss how PC/DaaS can help you. 

Are you considering PC/Daas and want to understand more about the benefits to your business? Download our free digital guide to find out how much time and cost you can save your IT team by implementing PC/DaaS.

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