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Leading National Bank

England’s leading Bank wanted to reduce their expenditure on document production, stop wasted print and relieve their helpdesk of time consuming print-related problems.

A Europe-wide tendering process was undertaken for the provision of a Managed Print Service (MPS) throughout offices in London and the UK. Xenith were awarded the contract in 2008 after competing against a significant number of large manufacturers.

The Challenge

Due to the large fleet of printers on the client’s premises, there was an increased scope for malfunction and wastage – both of electricity and paper. Piles of wasted pages could be seen on printers at the end of the day.

The helpdesk was always dealing with print-related issues and it was difficult to keep up with the constant need for the replacement of consumables. All these issues needed to be resolved and in addition, they required a convenient method for scanning documents straight into their current Document Management System.

A high level of uptime and document security were crucial. This means ensuing all devices are updated with the latest firmware and security software. As always, user acceptance and lack of disruption to business continuity was essential.

Key Challenges


Consolidate hundreds of printers, while maintaining print availability


Reduce the volume of paper consumed


Reduce the stress of print-related helpdesk calls.


The Solution

Xenith worked hard to understand the true business requirement within each area of the Bank in order to fit services and technology appropriately to that requirement. The solution was formed through the integration of a print management and document routing solution onto a homogenous fleet of Multifunctional Devices (MFDs) on a Managed Print Service with stringent security measures on both hardware and software.

The print management solution also provides security as prints are only released when the ID card is authenticated at the chosen device. Not only does this eliminate the possibility of sensitive documents being left at printers but it also allows users to release their print jobs at any MFD in the building.

The document routing solution provides the ability to store authenticated users documents in the Document Management System or scan to email. The solutions provide integrated reporting on all documents printed, copied and scanned to provide control, accountability and departmental recharge of costs.


We provided onsite management from day one. The solution was implemented to a timescale that ensured the roll-out was smooth and provided no interruption to business continuity. We ensured user acceptance by testing each area of roll-out - with over 900 printing applications, it was critical to ensure that all of them worked perfectly.

Continual innovation is one of the cornerstones to Xenith’s service - we find ways to further reduce cost every year and we are in the process of rolling out two new solutions to reduce paper consumption – Our User Analytics application will help the bank to identify and quantify paper heavy processes that can be considered for digitisation or optimisation, and the Print Awareness Tool will ‘gamify’ the process of being environmentally friendly amongst staff and employees at the bank in order to bring about a cultural change in mindset towards printing.

Monthly management information reports are provided to the bank to ensure that we are on track in terms of cost reduction, security and productivity enhancements for staff.



  • Multifunction Devices capable of producing over 20 million pages each year
  • Secure follow me printing with ID cards
  • Document routing solution for quick and easy scanning
  • Integrated reporting
  • An onsite engineering service which integrated with the client’s IT Service
  • A pro-active approach to contract management that drives down print volumes, cost, and IT related resource
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