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Man Group PLC

The Challenge

An Optimised Printing Environment for Man Group PLC.

Man Group PLC is a leading global provider of alternative investment products and solutions for private and institutional investors worldwide.

The Group employs 1,600 people in 13 countries, with key centres in London and Pfäffikon Switzerland and other offices in Chicago, Dubai, Hong Kong, Montevideo, Nassau, New York, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo and Toronto. Man Group wanted to make their printing more efficient, secure and environmentally friendly.

Objectives for this project included reducing costs and Man's environmental impact, improving the productivity of the users and delivering a high level of uptime. Hassle-free management of the fleet for the IT Department on an ongoing basis was imperative. The security and confidentiality of documents that are printed, scanned and copied was a concern due to the private nature of Man Group’s work.

Additionally, scanning had to be quick, efficient and compatible with a wide range of applications including programs developed in-house. Complexity in billing and invoicing needed to be reduced. After the assessment, design and installation of the new infrastructure, it had to be monitored, managed and optimised on an ongoing basis.

Key Challenges


Reduce overall cost of print


Increase security around documents


Reduce complexity and quantity of contracts


The Solution

Consolidation and Standardisation

The number of devices in the company was reduced by placing A3 and A4 multifunctional printers in strategic locations to replace older and less efficient personal printers. The new machines are the robust and feature-rich Xerox WorkCentre 7556 (A3) and Xerox Phaser 6505 (A4) multifunctional devices.

With SafeCom, users can retrieve their print job at any device by swiping their normal door entry card. This heightens security as the pages are only released from the printer when the card is used, addressing a common concern when personal printers are removed.

The solution also prevents an accumulation of print jobs at the output tray. These can ultimately get lost in a mass of uncollected prints and this leads to waste.

In addition, SafeCom reporting provides essential information on the print devices, the system, and the users or user groups. SafeCom reporting can even enable the allocation of costs down to department or even user level.

NSi AutoStore was integrated into the solution. This allows the user to complete even complex scanning workflows with a single click - sending documents to exactly the right place in Man's SharePoint site.

The transition to a new way of working, even one with as many benefits as this solution, can be a disruptive procedure if not executed correctly. This is why users were engaged in the process from the analysis stage through to the installation.

As a result, a high level of user satisfaction was achieved and the business benefits were quickly realised.

Xenith's managed print service ensures that the fleet is running in the most efficient way possible. Our Xerox toolset, which includes Xerox Device Agent (XDA), enables us to monitor the company’s fleet remotely. 

We can proactively supply consumables when levels get low and fix any device problems, before they become a problem for users at Man Group.

Our service for the company includes an on-site engineer who ensures that all print infrastructure runs smoothly.


“My service desk used to be bombarded all the time with calls about printers that had run out of ink or had broken down. Now I get no calls at all about the printers as they are all proactively maintained”

Jake Fricker, IT Support manager, Man Group



Cost Reduction

The project resulted in cost reductions far above average. This can be partially attributed to streamlining of the fleet — the elimination of personal printers has resulted in lower maintenance and consumable costs.

Factors such as economical new machines, lower overall volumes and reduced print wastage due to SafeCom have also contributed to the cost reduction.


Uninterrupted Printing

Our Managed Print Service, including remote monitoring of the infrastructure, an on-site engineer and robust new machines have almost eliminated downtime of copying, printing and scanning.

The on-site engineer ensures that devices are always stocked up with paper and toner so users can access them when needed. On the rare occasion that issues do arise, they are fixed before they impact the business.

This way users can get on with real business without having to worry about printing, and Man Group’s IT department can focus on more business-critical tasks.


Elimination of Complexity  

Xenith believes in simplicity and transparency in everything we do. Man Group’s employees experience this in the form of simple user experience, and ease of scanning via the large colour touch screen.

IT staff experience simplicity with the Xerox Universal Print Driver — a single print driver for all devices. The finance department experiences this when we send them a single itemised invoice for all their printing requirements, instead of multiple invoices for various devices and consumables from different suppliers.



Stable, Scalable, Resilient  

All new hardware and software have been successfully integrated with existing systems within the company, including the implementation of NSi AutoStore for scanning and SafeCom’s follow me printing system.

Document security is tight as print jobs are only released when users swipe their cards. Devices have been chosen for their advanced security features.


Consistent Solution Across Offices

The hardware and solutions are consistent across all offices, making management of the devices easy for IT staff as well as simplifying use for employees.

All devices and print drivers are consistent, meaning staff are able to print from any location without specific training or IT intervention.



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